If your company is looking for a new eLearning platform, there are certain features and courses you want available in your corporate learning management system. Of course, you want to ensure that your platform will offer all of the services and features you need—but you also want to make sure they offer all of the educational training that you should give your employees. Many buyers make the crucial mistake of neglecting to determine the quality and relevance of content being delivered to their employees.

Here is a list of the four types of courses that every company—including yours— should offer to their employees within their corporate learning management systems:

Corporate Learning Management Systems

Compliance Training Via Corporate Learning Management Systems

You need your corporate learning management system to have the basic compliance training available for onboarding and annual updates. These pieces of training are necessary to build a culture of integrity and to reduce the legal risk associated with problematic behaviors at work.

Examples of compliance courses include:

Communication Education Through Learning Management Systems

To add to the effects of basic compliance training, you should include communication and workplace relationships courses. This will help your employees feel comfortable working with one another in different scenarios.

It is important to acknowledge that not everyone will get along, but offering communication education courses can help create a safe and pleasant working environment for everyone:

Creating High Performers Using eLearning Management Systems

You likely have many employees who want to have further education and development opportunities available to them. Your corporate learning management system should offer training that will help boost these employees’ morale, job performance, and personal stress levels so they can become top performers.

Examples of courses you can offer that will help raise your employees to the next level and create high performers:

Job-based Training From Corporate Learning Management Systems

Finally, you want to ensure that the corporate learning management system you are purchasing offers relevant job-based training. For example, if you are a retail company, you do not want an LMS platform that specializes in tech training. Do your research and consult with the company to ensure they offer all the necessary courses that will give your employees the groundwork to do their jobs.

You may also want to consider choosing a platform that lets you create your own training as well, ensuring all training gaps are filled. We’ll discuss that below.

Going beyond Pre-Built Content on Corporate Learning Management Systems

While the type and quality of content available through a corporate learning management system are both important considerations, you may find that you need to go beyond what pre-built content can offer. You will quickly find that not all CLMSs are the same when it comes to content authoring.

File Types

When you build your own training, your LMS must make the process as streamlined as possible. The key in that equation is the ability to upload the right file types. If your LMS limits you to only a few types of files, then your ability to create content that fits the needs of your learners will be limited. Make sure you can upload SCORM, audio files, video files, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and more.

Organize and Distribute

Adding your content to the LMS is only the first step of several. You will also need the ability to organize that content and then distribute it to the learners throughout your organization. There are a couple of different considerations here, including the ability to create training paths for personalized training and the ability to set access limitations so that those who don’t need access to specific course content don’t inadvertently spend time completing coursework that doesn’t apply to them or their position with your company.

Gamified Content

If you want to create engaging content that helps your learners understand what is being taught while also keeping their attention, gamification is the key. This doesn’t necessarily mean turning all your slideshows into interactive games, although that is an option. Look for corporate learning management systems that allow you to implement gamified elements like leaderboards and badges to help increase the results that your learners see from the content.


As a final consideration, make sure that any corporate learning management systems you’re considering offer the ability to assess information retention. The simplest way to do that is through quizzes – a quick quiz at the end of a module or series can help ensure that you’re able to track who is retaining the information and who might need a little more help. Surveys can also be useful tools for this, plus they help to create a more engaging experience overall.

Powerful Content and a Flexible Framework

What kind of content and training are available on your corporate learning management system? Learn more about eLeaP’s training course packages and software to find the best option for your business.

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