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Putting Manufacturing Safety Front-and-Center

Why be concerned about manufacturing safety if manufacturing is in decline? As many people know, manufacturing in the US has declined precipitously in the US since WWII, during which the percentage of the nonfarm workforce employed in manufacturing was 38% (source). When the war ended, that figure immediately declined to 30%, and then continued marching downward right up to the present day, when only 8.5% of the nonfarm workforce is employed in manufacturing jobs (source). And although we manufacture a lot more with fewer and fewer resources, the share of the economy as measured by gross domestic product (GDP) that comes from manufacturing has dwindled from 24.3% back in 1970 (source) to a mere 11.3% in 2019 (source). All these indicators do point to a clear and continued decline in manufacturing, but that doesn’t mean manufacturing safety is no longer an issue. After all, there are 12.9 million people employed in manufacturing as of June 2019 (source). How can manufacturing safety be put back into the limelight to protect the health and safety of millions of workers? Continue reading

Making Workplace Safety the Priority it Should Be

When it’s time for workplace safety trainings, you can expect many of your employees to roll their eyes. It’s a topic that is easy to dismiss, and if your workplace safety training content is less than engaging, the reaction is understandable. The problem, however, is that your company runs the risk of creating a workplace culture that fails to make safety a serious concern. That may not seem like a problem when everything is going along just fine, but all it takes is one serious accident or incident to put your company into a serious tailspin from which it can be very difficult to recover. Keep the following in mind when it comes to workplace safety: Continue reading