When you’re tracking your sales team and looking for better ways to train them for improvement, you’ll probably come across tons of advice and recommendations. Everyone will want to tell you what worked for them or how they found a “foolproof” training tool that gets results. The Internet is a great resource, but because of its limitless information, it can also be tricky to navigate when you are searching for the best training resources for your sales team.

Of course, despite the fact that it’s the 21st century and we have so much technology at our fingertips, there is one category of sales training tools that still proves to be quite effective: sales books. Many managers and sales leaders swear by the various books available on the market, penned by champions of business and entrepreneurs of the world, and for good reason. And now, more than ever, your team could definitely benefit from disconnecting and taking some old school notes from a winning sales book or two, and with such a selection available it’s easy to find topics and training material that fits just about any need.

If you’re still not convinced that your team could benefit from picking up a book, here are 7 Benefits of Using Sales Books that sales books have to offer.

Diversity of Information

As briefly mentioned, sales books are great because they offer such a diverse selection of material and information. You can find books for specific types of industries, sales books focused on different sales methods or strategies, and so forth. There truly is so much out there, and you can often search for these books based on their specific topics or areas of business, making it easy to find exactly what you want without a lot of effort. Some of the common topics covered by sales books include:

  • Sales Management and Leadership
  • Sales Tactics and Strategies
  • Personality Traits and Self-Improvement
  • General Sales Topics
  • Sales Psychology

Powerful Authors

Some of the best sales books on the market today are written by some of the most influential people in business. What will be better for your team than learning from the absolute best, after all? You can find books written by the likes of Warren Buffet, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, and others. Being able to connect, in a way, with these business leaders and motivational professionals is going to change the way that people think about themselves as sales professionals and help them develop a healthy sense of confidence.

Reading is Learning

In a business like sales, your team can never stop learning. It’s important to always stay on top of what is going on in the industry and how things are changing over time. By using sales books and other training materials that engage your team’s brains, you’ll ensure that they are become better at sales and just becoming better overall by learning new things and being open to new opportunities and potential. Having a team that is willing to learn and grow can make all the difference in the success of your business, no matter what your team is selling.

A Method for Every Member

No two people are the same. Their learning styles are going to be different, as are their sales methods and preferred ways of doing things. By offering sales training books to your team, you can let everyone find what works for them. While someone might love the classic teachings of Dale Carnegie, you might have someone else who prefers a more modern approach or a younger voice. When you offer training through books, you give everyone the chance to get what they need.

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A Lifelong Resource

When you invest in something like an online training module or a basic class, you are giving people a one-time chance to learn and gather resources. If, however, you choose to train through sales books, you’re giving your team a library of references that they can turn to whenever they need a little refresher. They may even use their own resources to pass along to others, offering an ongoing training tool that does more than any one-time class or meeting.

People Feel Valued

Despite the fact that some employees might balk at the idea of reading, the fact that you want them to grow as people and as sales professionals will make them feel appreciated. When people feel like they have value, they are going to work that much harder. Your employee retention will be higher and people will give their full effort everyday because they are working for someone who appreciates it. By fostering a culture of mutual respect and appreciation, you’ll find a better environment for everyone.

Endless Training and Learning Options

Thanks to the diversity of information out there in sales books, you’ll find something for every stage of your business and step of the sales training journey. You can even read up on the best books for your sales team and make a timeline-based reading list over the course of the year. There is so much information out there that you will be able to train your team for almost every part of their sales career just by having them read a few books. It’s an easy resource and it’s definitely cheaper than high-priced training programs.

The Bottom Line

Sales books certainly aren’t the only useful training resource that are available for your sales team. However, they do have a lot to offer and they are often overlooked simply because books aren’t a priority for many people anymore. Take a minute to put down the technology, log off the digital training platform, and get back to the basics of sales. Often, you’ll find that will do more for your business than any technology that you can find. If you are in search of a better way to give your team the tools to succeed, take a look at the books that are available and see what they have to offer.