Grabbing and retaining the attention of training attendees is one of the biggest challenges companies face in delivering successful online training. You can provide extremely valuable and useful information to share with attendees, but if you are unable to retain the attention of the attendees, then all of your hard work is for naught. Use these five tips as a guideline to build and distribute an online training program that is sure to keep attendees glued to their computer screens.

5 ways to Deliver Successful Online Training

Focus on Relevancy

Before you create the content for your course, really get to know who the attendees of the course are. Come to understand their needs for learning the material, so that you can include content that fits the needs of the attendees. Additionally, it is imperative that you include information that is relevant and up-to-date to reach the end goal of the online training – the reason the training exists to start.

Engage Attendees

Especially in an online learning environment, you have to work to engage the attendees constantly. Engagement starts from the minute the attendee registers to attend the course. Using a survey or a pretest that immediately lands in the inbox of registered attendees helps you accomplish two things. First, you can gather information from attendees to build a program that is relevant to their learning needs. Second, having attendees complete this information draws them into the training right away.

Engagement can continue throughout the process. Continue to send out emails leading up to the time of the online training session. You can even continue the engagement after the course is complete with feedback questionnaires and emails about other upcoming online training courses.

Provide Examples

Attendees relate to stories, experiences and examples much better than a bunch of information and facts. You can present information and facts to attendees to introduce a concept to them. Then tell a story or use an example to illustrate the concept in a real-life scenario. When you show attendees how to apply what they are learning to real life they tend to pay attention to see how they can apply it to their own personal or professional lives.

Make it Unforgettable

Find ways to make the information you are sharing with attendees stick in their minds. Create funny sayings that relate to the material, repeat the information as necessary or turn the learning environment into an interactive game show. Find ways attendees can relate to the material you are presenting. They will remember what they learned as they walk away and remain interested throughout the entire course.

Fresh and Refresh

Avoid rehashing the same material course offering after course offering. Instead, seek out the latest trends and news stories that you can use to update your course information. This keeps the material fresh and interesting. Fresh and interesting information and concepts help to retain the attention of the trainees.

Online training can be a highly beneficial way to deliver training materials, concepts and information attendees need. Delivering highly successful online training requires you to grab the attention of attendees from the start and hold their attention until well after the course ends. To do this effectively, we recommend a modern learning management system.

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