Training software is the way forward in today’s world. The majority of companies and organizations these days are realizing the benefits of LMS and switching their training to an online solution. While a number of employees are perfectly comfortable with technology, there are still many that struggle greatly with technology-related training.

Your least tech-savvy employee should never have to miss out on quality training and understanding. Just because they aren’t as comfortable with technology as everyone else. It can be a big barrier to employees’ learning when you fail to adequately train tech-illiterate workers. They need to learn to adapt to the training software. If they don’t, they can feel disengaged, disheartened, and discouraged from eLearning. So, how do you go about solving this problem? First, take a 30-day free trial of eLeaP to get started.

Why It’s Important to Train Tech-Illiterate Employees How to Use Training Software

Why you need to train non-tech savvy employees to use training software

Let’s face it, technology isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s only going to get more prominent as the years roll by. Technology is everywhere, and it’s integrated itself fully into the way that we work every day. Training solutions are no exception to this. So not teaching your tech-illiterate employees the training software properly, is doing them a huge disservice.

Ultimately, you’re also doing your company a disservice because employees who struggle with technology may make a large proportion of your workforce. If these employees can’t be properly trained or can’t engage with online software, they aren’t going to be sufficiently prepared to do their job.

Cost Effectiveness

Online training is also very cost-effective. Once you’re set up with a good LMS and training software solution you can save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money. This reduction in costs will be redundant if you’re still trying to cater to less tech-savvy employees using non-tech training solutions. It doesn’t make sense to have a large number of your employees using online training if you still have to pay for the travel and other costs associated with sending some employees to in-person training.


Moreover, online training is also better for employees in general. It’s more flexible, and once your tech-illiterate employees know how to use it, they are surely going to see the benefits and feel thankful. They can train at a time that works well for them, that fits in with their busy schedule, or while they’re commuting, for example. These are all options that aren’t available during a more traditional training process.

Easy Access

Even though less tech-savvy employees might be put off by technology at face value, once they get used to it, it ensures help them train better and learn easier. Technology engages learners in a number of ways that conventional training methods just can’t do. Easy access at their fingertips to info-graphics, interactive quizzes, games, and videos can make training more fun, engaging, and feel less like a chore. Employees are also significantly more likely to retain information using technology.

How to deliver online training to your non-tech savvy employees

Guiding your non-tech employees with training software is of much significance. It can feel a bit overwhelming to try and teach somebody who doesn’t understand technology how to interact with software solutions. You may have had an experience where someone who struggles to grasp technology gets very frustrated, and this is off-putting. But if you take the right approach, it should be relatively straightforward, and once they start seeing the benefits of technology, they’ll likely want to learn more.

User-friendly interface

When selecting an LMS in the first place, you should always make sure that you choose one with a user-friendly interface. This will benefit all your employees, but especially those who struggle more with the technology side of things. A confusing LMS is going to put employees off, and employees who have a hard time wrapping their heads around technology may never be able to adapt.

Along these same lines, you should avoid LMS solutions that have a ton of features that you don’t really require. The training software can easily impress you, like LMS which boasts superior and excessive functionality.

Different types of Platforms

You should also opt for learning management solutions that are available on many different types of platforms. Some employees may feel comfortable with certain devices but not with others. Employees who feel intimidated by technology will likely be thankful for the opportunity to select the learning device they are comfortable with.

A Helping-Hand

Additionally, encourage other employees who are very comfortable with technology to make themselves available for those who feel less secure. In LMS, your tech-savvy employees can lend a helping hand to non-tech-savvy ones directly through the platform.


Technology isn’t going anywhere. It’s getting more prevalent. And most employees understand this and have learned how to work with technology in their everyday lives. But you’re bound to have some employees who don’t feel comfortable with software platforms and struggle to use technological devices. In this case, train them how to access your online training software. Instead of trying to make them comfortable by resorting to conventional training methods.

So, trying to incorporate LMS solutions with traditional training is only going to cost you time, effort, and money. And it actually won’t benefit your tech-savvy employees. They should be able to access the same quality of training as everyone else. So, teaching them how to work with technology it’s an absolute must.