Managing People Amid the Great Resignation: How Training Helps:

What does it mean to be experiencing a Great Resignation? In short, employees are leaving their jobs at rates rarely seen before. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, workers’ stress reached a tipping point, and the relationship between employers and employees has significantly shifted. With surveys revealing 53% of employees are either actively seeking new work or at risk of leaving their current employment, it’s imperative for employers to find effective ways to manage their people, attract new talent and retain their top performers.

The factors driving employees to search for new work are varied — 63% cite pay issues, the same percentage are interested in opportunities for advancement, 57% feel they need more respect, and the list goes on2. The tools companies have to keep employees loyal and engaged are similarly varied, but some of the most valuable, useful and elegant solutions may be going underappreciated, with training foremost among them.