Training must be managed across your entire organization. Training management software delivers the ability to do just that. However, old, outdated systems that rely on your in-house hardware can require immense resources and must be regularly updated and upgraded. There is a better solution – web-based training management software offers a more agile solution that delivers key features essential to achieving your mission.

Training Management Software

Centralization with Training Management Software

Web-based training management software offers powerful tools and capabilities by putting everything into a single central location. You have immediate access to all of your courses and modules, learner information, training metrics, and more. However, it’s not just about having immediate access to that information. With the right software, you can access that data from any Internet-connected device at any time. It’s always there and always available.

Streamlining Training with Web-Based Training Management Software

Organizing training can be quite a challenge. You need to ensure that everyone is trained, but you must balance that with the need to complete their work-related responsibilities. With the right training management software, you can easily plan, assign, and schedule training through pathways, groupings, requirements, and more. Much of the process is automated to make it even simpler to handle. This frees up time for your administrators, but also makes things easier for your learners, and even speeds up the entire training process.

Track and Monitor Progress and Results

If your learners aren’t retaining what’s being taught, it doesn’t matter how advanced your training system is. You must be able to track and monitor progress and results for all employees at every step along the way. Online training management software simplifies that process by providing your team with powerful tools that allow them to:

Delve Deep with Reporting

How successful is your training system? Are your employees learning what they’re supposed to be? Or are they barely passing those assessments in an attempt to finish the material and get back to their duties? With training management software, you can delve deep into these questions with granular reporting.

It’s not just about individual employees, either. With web-based training management software, you can unearth vital insights that apply to all learners, and even to your entire learning system. For instance, perhaps your course material is not very engaging.

Maybe you need more interactivity or gamification. Perhaps your learners are mentally checking-out halfway through some courses. With in-depth reporting, you can access this information and then make any necessary changes and adjustments to ensure that your training system is engaging and compelling.

Reduce Financial and Time Costs

Training is vital, but it is also expensive. Not only do you need to pay for employees to complete their training, but you must invest in learning materials, hardware, software development, updates, upgrades, and so much more. Web-based training management software helps change this paradigm.With web-based software, you don’t need any special hardware. That automatically eliminates some serious hurdles. You also don’t need to worry about updates or upgrades, as those are handled behind the scenes by the software developer. Data security is also provided for you, taking yet one more expense off your plate.

Other ways that web-based software helps save your business money include improved efficiency and better knowledge retention. When your team can fully absorb what’s being taught, they can apply it easily in their day-to-day responsibilities on the job, improving not only their efficiency but that of the entire company.

Build in Your Branding

With traditional software, you’re stuck with the brand elements built in by the developer. These may or may not mesh with your corporate culture or ethics, or your brand’s personality. With web-based training management software, that’s not the case. You can build your brand right into the software in most cases.

With web-based software, the developer allows you to add things like logos and company colors to help create a unified, branded experience. However, you can also customize the content to reflect your company’s culture, mission, ethics, and more. This ensures consistency throughout training and further helps cement your brand within your employees’ minds.

Localization Support

How much does your organization struggle with content that is not localized for specific audiences? Simple translation programs do not work well here, because truly translating something from one language to another requires more than simple word replacement. It’s all too easy for the true meaning of your content to be lost.

Localization is the process by which you take content and then remake it so that it retains its meaning and intent in another language. With web-based training management software, it becomes possible to truly localize your content, ensuring that everyone in the organization can learn new skills and master new knowledge, regardless of their geographic location or language.

Custom Course Development

There should be no cookie-cutter approaches when it comes to training. What works for one company may not work for another. Your business may need specific content or entire modules developed that don’t apply to other businesses in your industry. With web-based training management software, custom course development is not only possible but simple. Just create the content and then upload it, complete with all your brand collateral.

In Conclusion

As you can see, training management software can offer access to critical benefits and advantages. These are just a few of the most important. The right web-based system can also offer features like live online classroom training, eCommerce, and more, all designed to help you accelerate business growth and success.