eLeaP, a leading provider of Learning Management System (LMS) solutions, has launched a new feature that enables users to easily log in to their eLeaP LMS accounts using OAuth 2.0.

OAuth 2.0 is a widely used authorization framework that enables secure third-party access to user data without sharing passwords. With this new feature, eLeaP LMS users can now log in to their accounts using their Google, Facebook, or other OAuth 2.0 provider credentials, making it easier and more secure for them to access the platform.

eLeaP Launches New OAuth 2.0 Feature for its Learning Management System

Just like SAML single sign-on (SSO) has provided customers with the ability to provide a secure and efficient way to manage user authentication and access control, OAuth provides a similar value to users as it focuses on delegated authorization, which means that it allows a user to grant permission to a third-party application to access their resources (such as data or functionality) on their behalf, without sharing their login credentials.

“Our customers, especially our eCommerce customers, have been asking for more options to log in to their eLeaP LMS, and we are thrilled to offer this new OAuth 2.0 feature,” said Telania, LLC. President & CEO Don Weobong. “Not only does it improve security by eliminating the need to share passwords, but it also makes it more convenient for users to access the platform.”

In addition to improving security and convenience, the new OAuth 2.0 feature also helps organizations comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. By using OAuth 2.0, organizations can ensure that user data is protected and accessed only by authorized parties.

eLeaP customers who integrate the platform into other applications like CRMs, HRIS, or even eCommerce applications can now easily allow their users to access world-class learning assets via the comprehensive platform. For customers to deploy OAuth 2.0, they are required to contact eLeaP support to configure their current instance for OAuth authentication.

eLeaP LMS users can access the new OAuth 2.0 feature by navigating to the login page and clicking on the OAuth 2.0 provider of their choice. They will be prompted to enter their OAuth 2.0 provider credentials, and once authenticated, they will be directed to their eLeaP LMS  account dashboard.

Our goal at eLeaP is to continue to utilize radical simplicity to innovate solutions that serve the needs of customers as we continue to earn our customers’ trust day in and day out. It is a privilege to serve so many. One we don’t take for granted.

eLeaP Launches New OAuth 2.0 Feature for its Learning Management System

eLeaP’s OAuth is an opt-in feature and is available to all users of the Learning Management System. To enable this feature, account admins should contact eLeaP to have this feature enabled on their accounts.

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