eLeaP, an innovator in the learning management software space, has today announced the addition of an on-the-job training (OJT) tracking feature for the company’s LMS. With this new feature, users can easily track OJT training via a broad range of metrics, close skills gaps, ensure compliance with industry and government regulations, and achieve other crucial milestones.

eLeaP Announces Critical New On-the-Job Training Tracking Module

“OJT has long been a critical consideration for training both new and existing employees,” notes Marsha Weobong of eLeaP. “However, it has always been difficult to track this type of training simply due to its informality and the lack of integration with modern learning management systems. Our new tool breaks that paradigm, enabling HR and other stakeholders to easily track on-the-job training.”

The new feature offers the ability for users to track on-the-job training by skill, task, date, user, competency, domain, and much more. Users can also easily modify fields, add custom fields, and more. Each field offers the ability to filter reports and dive into training-related metrics.

eLeaP also makes it simple to add trainee records. The new module supports adding records manually by name, but they can also be added in bulk using the convenient upload tool. Users simply download a template file and then use that to create custom data points that matter to them before uploading. Once uploaded, users can access all records, or dive into individual tracking for an in-depth breakdown that shows user time, skills, tasks, and other important information.

“On-the-job training offers immense benefits, from skill redundancy across different departments to career progression, and more,” Marsha went on to explain. “We made it simple for users to add and customize information, and then track trainee efforts in meaningful, relevant ways.”

To learn more about eLeaP or the company’s industry-leading learning management system, visit https://www.eleapsoftware.com.

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eLeaP launched in 2005 with a mission to assist businesses in managing organizational compliance and team performance via intuitive, groundbreaking digital tools. Since that time, eLeaP has grown to become one of the industry’s leading learning management systems (LMS), and has earned numerous awards from the likes of Capterra, Featured Customers, and eLearning Industry to name just a few.

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