Use Case:

Imagine you need to train new sales officers or employees you have added to your Salesforce CRM. It would be useful if you could query the eLeaP LMS to automatically get user completion stats which can then be used to update an employee’s record in your back office applications.

If your training or talent development efforts require certificate issuance, it would also be useful to be able to download and store your users’ completion certificates as a batch.


We added two new features in the API.

The first enables customers to automatically query the LMS for the completion status of any user for any course. You can now simply send a query command to your account and instantly get back completion status for any user or number of users and courses. You can then use this information to update training records as well as other HR, CRM or ERP systems.

The second new feature lets customers use an API query to pull all users completion certificate documents directly out of eLeaP. This allows for easy local backups of certificates. Completion certificates can be an important piece of your training and development or compliance requirements. With this new export certificates feature, you can easily access and download your users’ completion certificates in real-time.

Additional features

Assigning a single instructor to multiple courses and training paths at a time:

You can now assign a trainer/instructor to multiple courses at once, to save time and resources and have the training work more efficiently. Similarly, you can also remove the trainers/instructors from multiple courses at once, without going to each course and then un-assigning them as instructors.

Duplicating training paths:

To create new training paths consisting of multiple courses or modules, you can now simply duplicate existing training paths in the same way you can duplicate courses. This Training Path duplicator feature is a powerful way to save significant amounts of time and complexity.

For more information on how you can implement these new API features, see our API documentation. Contact eLeaP at 877-627-7226 or email

About eLeaP

eLeaP is a training and eLearning system offering online delivery, which is the creation of company President Don Webong. eLeaP Learning Management System (LMS/LCMS) is a complete, secure, web-based training and learning solution that employ a simple user interface. This allows for both technical and non-technical training managers to easily and efficiently create, manage and track interactive training courses and eLearning programs for all levels of users. The eLeaP software system is designed to fit organizations of any size in a way that’s flexible, simple and customizable.

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