Scenario: How can I set non completion notifications?


Hello, and welcome to eLeaP. In this quick tutorial video, we want to touch on a feature that is quite useful. Okay. Uh, I’m going to my Course Definitions tab there, and then I’m going to go to Show Advanced Settings. And what I’m looking for is this Non-completion Notification. Now, what is the Non-completion? Well, this is a tool that works really, really, really well with your Deadline tool. So let’s see how this gets set up and why. Let’s say that in my course here, I have a deadline of say one month for my trainings. I’m going to make sure that this training has a reminder that starts off on day 25.

Something like that. Before my training expires. So I’ve got my deadlines set up. Beautiful. Now I want to be able to notify people that are in my department. Either my training department, in my legal department, maybe a few in the managerial positions, uh, in managerial positions that, uh, they should be aware that when this deadline passes, uh, here is a comprehensive summary of what happened. And in this case, in particular, what we will do is we will notify these individuals that you, uh, add to this non-completion notification area of the users that have not completed the training as at that deadline date. Okay. So first off, toggle that to the on position, and then you will see an option to add email addresses. What’s cool about this is any email addresses that you add over there. You basically can, um, add, you know, email addresses and the system will send emails to them, you know, and they don’t even need to be users in the system to be added to this email address.

Um, it’s really a great way to be able to get, uh, folks that are in your department, in your training, uh, sphere or, or stakeholders to be in the know, um, in terms of what’s going on. When the training expires, when to turn and deadline comes due. So simply toggle that to the on position, add the recipients, separated by a comma and lock that in by click and save and we’ll take care of the rest of it. We’ll check to see on set deadline date, who has completed the training. If we have a list of non completions, we will email that out to your email address, uh, recipients that you have stated in that section of the system. As usual. If you have any questions about this or any other feature in the system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.