Training Scenario: Instructor needs to reset course deadline for all assigned trainees


Hello and welcome to eLeaP. So this is a video that compliments another scenario of what happens when a trainee has missed a course deadline but would want to be given a chance to go in and view the course material and or complete quizzes associated with that particular course. All right, so does this my course here called “Ingredients 01”. And of course I’ve got my stats here and I have my users here assigned to the course. I do have my deadline information showing up right here and I noticed that Alan here has missed the deadline. Um, pretty much by a lot. Uh, he wants to retake this course. He wants to be given an opportunity to review this course. What do you do? Well, it’s actually pretty easy. What you want to do is go to manage course and go to assigned users.

And what you want to do is in this case, he’s already in there. So what you want to do is click on his name and unassign him. All right. And basically what that does is it removes him from the current assignment. It’s not going to remove any history if he has a history in the system. So don’t worry about that at all. Okay. So we have unassigned him and what we’re going to do next is we are going to re assign him. So essentially we are re-adding him if I could say that into this course. And if I do that depending on of course the deadline options and that’s something I should probably go back and, and make clear here. So I’m going to my course options here and unfortunately I do have a specific debt.

So what I would rather do is I want to change this to a period of time. If I change it to a period of time then he basically gets a reset of that deadline. So one of the things that you want to watch out for, for deadlines is if the deadline is a specific date, you would have to change that specific date. Now it will change it for everybody. So if it’s a period of time, which is preferable, it only changes it for that individual if you re-add him. So now let’s go ahead and go to our stats area and other things being equal, we should see that Alan now has a reset deadline and they can go in and view this course. As usual, if you have any questions about this or any other feature in the system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Scenario B: Instructor extends course deadline for individual trainee


Hello and welcome to eLeaP. In this quick tutorial, we’ll be taking a look at a different scenario, which is that I have access granted to my end users for a course. Unfortunately some of my end users did not complete the course on time. And so now I need to go in and actually reset course completion, course deadline access for just individuals, not the entire assigned group, just individuals within the course. So if we go to our manage course area from our previous video on Scenario A, you basically use the available after deadline to blanket extend access for everybody assigned to the course. If you don’t want to do that, then you have to take a different tact. So let’s go to assigned users right over here. This shows the users assigned to this course. If your user is not here, that’s fine.

Just click on assigned new users and add them into the system, into this particular course and they will get a reset automatically. If they’re shown in your assigned users list, simply remove them. Don’t worry, you’re not going to delete any history. Everything stays on there. Not a problem, but just unassign them from the course. And then what you do is you reassign them to the course. Basically what we’re doing is, again, this is for one individual, not the entire group. So by unassigning and reassigning, we basically reset the clock for just that one individual. Okay. It just makes it so much easier for you to be able to manage an individual, extension, right versus have to extend it for everybody. So now if I add Brandy back in, if I go to stats, notice what happens there. The course deadline has definitely been reset.

It is now open and this individual can go in there and actually complete the course. So again, you’ve got two scenarios and two options. You can do a blanket extension for everybody assigned to their course, which is simpler in many instances. But if you find that look, I need to narrow this down and only work with those that have missed the course deadline. Then simply use the approach that we just looked at, which is assigning the course directly to end users or, unassigning and reassigning them to the course. And again, we keep all the training history, so nothing is going to be lost. What a simply does is it just extends that course deadline for that one or two individuals that you’ve worked with. As usual, if you have any questions about this or in any other feature in the system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.