The term boss can be so derogatory. Nobody likes the boss. Nobody wants to hang around with the boss. Nobody wants to listen to the boss. Unfortunately, many bosses are knowledgeable and have experience that employees can benefit from and learn. When managers become leaders, however, the relationship between employees and managers change. Discover three ways management training turns managers into top leaders.

Influence Employee Thinking

When you think about some of the greatest leaders in the world, one characteristic likely comes to mind. The one characteristic the majority of great leaders share is their ability to influence others.

The first accomplishment managers can ascertain from management training is to learn how to influence thinking and behavior. While a boss tells employees what to do, the sign of a leader is someone who can influence what others think and do. Training and development sessions can teach managers how to identify and implement ways to influence the thought processes and actions of their employees. When managers learn how to use their influential powers for good, it deletes the need for managers to boss everyone around.

Teach a Better Way

You might remember your mom telling you, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” In reality, this same adage applies to the way managers try to teach, guide and mentor employees. Management training also provides the skills managers require to learn how to teach employees without preaching to employees.

When managers learn how to show employees a better way of doing their jobs, it creates a more productive work environment. Since employees don’t feel as if they are being bossed around by their bosses, they are more likely to take their boss’ advice. Additionally, the attitude and morale of employees gets a boost or remains positive.

Understand Employee Needs

When you understand what someone wants or needs, it tends to be easier to give it to them. Finally, management training programs can teach managers how to better understand the needs of their employees. While some needs carry over from one employee to another, each employee has different needs from those of their co-workers.

When managers acquire the knowledge they need to assess each employee’s individual needs properly, the manager creates better employees and teams. Managers equipped with this knowledge can provide information, feedback and recognition that employees need, want and require.

The term boss doesn’t have to be a derogatory one. When a boss becomes a leader, employees like the boss, want to hang around with the boss and want to listen to the boss. This opens the door for managers to share the knowledgeable and experience they have with their employees. Management training turns managers into leaders – changing the relationship between employees and managers and empowering staff to perform to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

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