The challenge that most companies face is that they do not make the training and development of their employees a priority. One hurdle companies have to overcome is that they tend to focus on what is happening in the present rather than planning for what the future holds. Additionally, companies simply do not make time for training. Upper management and owners that do not buy-in to the training and development line of thinking view training as a waste of time and money.

When employee development is not a priority, companies suffer because the best and the brightest employees leave for greener pastures. When companies invest in training and developing employees, everyone benefits – employees, management and the company as a whole.

How is employee development beneficial? Check out at least three reasons why companies should invest in training, in development and in the employees they hire.

1. People Care When Businesses Care

Behind each employee in a company is a human being. One of the common human needs is to know that people care. When a business invests in employee development, it sends a message to the employees that the owners and executive management care about them. Employees tend to take pride in their work because they care when their employers care about them.

2. Creates Loyalty

When employees take pride in their work because they feel cared for by their employers, it also creates a sense of loyalty. Employees want to give back to employers that are providing employee development to them. Loyal employees tend to be more productive employees than employees that do not have companies that invest in their training and development. Loyal employees also tend to stay with the company longer. It costs the company less money to retain an existing employee than it costs to find and hire a new employee.

3. Talented Employees Want to Advance

When a company trains and develops its employees, the company attracts some of the best and brightest talent. After all, people who are ambitious and want to advance in their careers want to receive the training and development they need to do so. Talented and ambitious employees that do not receive the training and development they seek with one company tend to move on to companies that do provide what they need.

On the flip-side, however, employees that get what they need tend to care about their level of productivity and tend to be loyal.

When employee development is a priority, companies benefit because the best and the brightest talent become loyal employees. Loyal employees are better producers and these same employees tend to commit to staying with the company. In the end, not only do the employees of the company reap the benefits of employee development, but everyone in the company and the company itself also reaps the benefits.

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