The world is currently going through one of the most obvious generational shifts in its history. As baby boomers pass further into retirement, they take with them some of the older methods of conducting business. While some people may lament the loss of the old ways, upgrading and modernizing company programs will undoubtedly lead to improved efficiency and profits.

Employee Training Software

As baby boomers step down from their positions, they make room for the next generation. And, with a shift in workforce generations, employee training software and educational programs must transform to match the needs of the new worker: the millennial. Just as baby boomers spurred a surge in the economy, millennial employees are spurring their own developments, notably with two major trends in employee training software: leadership training and mobile eLearning.

Employee Training Software Teaches Leadership

As more and more baby boomers reach the age of retirement, companies are being left with vacancies at the top of their corporate ladders. Looking to fill these openings, millennials are calling for more responsibility in the office; they are seeking supervisory positions in the workplace. This is true so much to the extent that businesses have found millennial workers to have higher turnover rates if they are not placed into management. This is especially true of millennials who do not feel that they are on track to reach supervisory or leadership positions in their jobs.

However, a Bersin by Deloitte study found that 30% of millennial leader respondents do not feel ready to take on their leadership roles. Millennial respondents note that their top concerns were dealing with conflict, managing difficult situations, and feeling inexperienced. Thus, there is a gap between the requirements and skills of the millennial worker, and it is causing a strain on businesses. They find that it is difficult to hire and retaining top, new talent.

What businesses need, then, is a route to hire talented millennial workers who still feel inexperienced. But companies must do so without crippling their own management. The days of slowly grinding to the top no longer seem maintainable. Instead, the way to go is for companies to implement employee training software to prepare workers to adequately fill the positions for which a company hired them.

Leadership training is a key component in keeping and growing these smart millennials. It’s not just relevant to the millennial worker, though. The Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report of 2016 found that 89% of executives needed to strengthen and improve their organizational leadership skills.

Management training is currently the most spent on the area of educational programs, making up 35% of the total market. Within this area, 19% of the spending goes to employee training software alone. Meanwhile, a combination of eLearning and instructor-based lessons makes up a whopping 50% of the spending.

Therefore, businesses are beginning to choose employee training software that includes management and leadership courses to develop new and seasoned executives. If companies have any hope of filling upper-management positions, they will have to begin training the next generation of workers. Simply shifting up the same old guard until they retire is only putting off the inevitable.

Mobile Learning

Millennials are known as the tech generation, so it is no surprise that they are demanding more technology-based training. Web-based employee training software is becoming increasingly popular, especially with start-up businesses. This is because their employee base tends to be a younger, tech-savvy crowd. Even Google offers most of its training courses through the web, and they often broadcast their classroom programs online through GoogleEDU.

The development of online and mobile learning can best be witnessed in public educational institutes. Through the internet, you can attend a wide variety of classes and learn just about anything from the comfort of your own home. Universities around the world are now offering online degrees and not just your local community college. Big-name institutes such as the University of Virginia and Purdue University now offer fully-accredited online programs. Therefore, it only makes sense to take your company’s training into the future—an online platform.

A key benefit of online employee training software is that users can access it from anywhere, at any time, and through any device. Employees across all industries are already utilizing mobile devices as their primary form of work communication. Thus, it only makes sense that employees use those same devices to access their training programs. Just as you can earn a degree from home, employees can undergo companywide training from their living rooms, the train, or the hotel lobby of a business trip, just minutes before making a presentation. All they will need is a stable Internet connection.

Employee training software aims to be interactive and compatible for both the administrator and the user. Imagine how simple it would be if an administrator could log on from his or her phone to quickly gather reports and analytics about training sessions finished that day. Imagine if users were able to access information whenever and where they wanted. How often would they utilize the training courses? Mobile eLearning lets employees treat their training material as a reference for day-to-day business, rather than a quarterly or yearly class, seminar, or pamphlet.


As businesses realize the need for further leadership training programs and millennials push for more accessible mobile education, eLearning is a prime solution for creating compatible and upgradeable classes. Web-based employee training software is working to fill in the gaps of will and skill by making training user-friendly, technologically streamlined, interactive, and creating the necessary growth potential for new leaders.

Upgrading your company’s training platform will prepare the next generation of workers to step up and fill vacancies left by older employees. To meet the needs of the future, your business must follow the current trends in employee training software. Making the change today is the first step in bringing your company up to industry standards.

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