This course on sales and marketing strategies features successful business leaders from well-known companies sharing some of their secrets to success.

Marketing is not about the product you are trying to sell; marketing is about the customers and what their needs are. It is of the utmost importance you have a clearly defined target market. This course helps you think of who your audience is, how to satisfy their needs, and where they are most likely to learn about your company, whether that may be online, print, television, or through another medium. This course also explores the buying process from the customer’s perspective, as well as how the customer deals with the post-purchase process, including customer service.

Ultimately, sales and marketing is about conveying your value proposition to customers and explaining to them why they need your product. Gain insight into creating a sales force and developing a selling process, through the materials presented in this training lesson. Utilize these best practices and create a targeted and efficient way to market and sell your product.