Routine maintenance may seem, at first glance, just that – routine. However, if done incorrectly service work can be dangerous to the employees performing the service and the employees working nearby. Machines turned off may inadvertently get turned on by coworkers; or equipment controlled by automatic processes may spontaneously power on. Servicing any energized equipment is potentially dangerous unless specific safety procedures are followed; one such procedure is called lockout/tagout. Utilize the information presented in this training video to understand what lockout/tagout entails, which devices are lockout devices, and the difference between authorized and affected employees.

Lockout/tagout is the name of a safety procedure which protects against accidental restarts and controls potential releases of hazardous energy. It is critical to know your company’s specific lockout/tagout procedures in order to create a safe work environment. With this training lesson, you will also be able to determine whether you are an affected employee or an authorized employee.

No matter the role you play in the lockout/tagout process, communication is integral to the safety of everyone involved. Learn the effective methods for communicating between authorized and affected employees, as well as the numerous types of locks and tags. At any workplace, safety is paramount. While many may think heavy machines are only dangerous when powered on, it is critical to note the potential threat posed when a machine is powered off. Learn how to protect yourself with the lockout/tagout procedure via the material in this on-demand lesson.