Lockout/Tagout procedures are required anytime a person is in the path of a machine that is powerful and could cause bodily harm if the energy is not controlled. It is important for the safety of workers, including authorized employees, affected employees, and other employees.

Authorized employees are the only ones able to authorize a lockout/tagout procedure, so they must be knowledgeable about the equipment. Affected employees are the ones who operate the machinery being locked out in a lockout operation. These employees have to be notified before a lockout/tag out. Other workers are those who aren’t directly affected by the lockout, but they still need to recognize when a lockout has occurred. Safety is very important during these periods, so everyone needs to know when a lockout is occurring.

The major sections of the course cover the Energy Control Program, the three types of designated employees, the use of locks and tags, steps in the lockout procedure and how to return equipment to service. Understanding the procedures during a lockout is very important to the safety of all employees. This training helps workers understand their role in a lockout/tagout procedure.