Writing for business is different than writing was for an essay in high school or college. Effective writers tell their audience exactly what they need to know in as few words as possible. You may need to edit your work several times to achieve this kind of clarity, but the more you practice, the stronger your communication skills become. This training course coaches employees on how to improve their business writing skills.

Fundamentally, it is important to think before you write. Ask yourself who your audience is, what the purpose of your communication is, and what you want your writing to achieve. If you begin to write before you determine your message, or how to best deliver it, your messages become more difficult to discern for your audience. This course gives employees tips on how to organize their thoughts before starting to write, write conversationally, and use active voice.

Writing is a necessary skill for many professions. Bad writing detracts from your message and it reflects poorly on the rest of your work. Utilize the information provided in this training lesson and learn how to be a better, and more effective, business writer.