How do you judge your productivity at work? Do you feel you accomplish what you set out to do each day, or do you feel as if you’re constantly distracted? Productivity is something we strive for at the start of the day, but it is not something we always feel as though we’ve achieved. This course provides best practices, tips, and techniques to help you increase your productivity at work. This course highlights different ways to be productive including how to avoid multitasking, removing distractions, time management, and staying organized. These, and other, points are examined in greater detail as well. Some days, it is harder to be productive than others. Perhaps you do not have as much willpower, or perhaps you are easily distracted by new e-mails or social media updates. While these may be daily struggles, there are ways to address them to ensure your continued productivity. Utilize the information presented in this training module to increase and maintain your productivity at work.