Asbestos has been around for a long time, and because of its unique uses, it was used in many items over the years. Many of these materials has been taken off the market, but it has been difficult to remove it from all building structures. OSHA created a manual to help communicate the risks of exposure of asbestos in the workplace or in building materials that workers could come into contact with. Knowing the hazards and how to safely deal with them is vital to ones’ health while working on jobs where an asbestos exposure is possible.

This instructional video breaks down the important risks, preventions, and safety practices to follow while working with asbestos. The training also explains what asbestos is and how one can come into contact with it. The course also demonstrates the steps to take if one is exposed to asbestos.

Use this course to help ensure the safety of anyone working with or around materials potentially made with asbestos.