Asbestos Awareness

We’ve all probably heard a lot about asbestos, but what exactly is it? To start, asbestos is a mineral that, admittedly, has some beneficial qualities; it is lightweight, heat resistant, and sound absorbing, among others. However, asbestos has many hidden dangers you need to know about. This training video teaches you about those dangers, as well as how to reduce your chances of asbestos exposure. Humans cannot smell or taste these fibers, so they cannot tell when they have inhaled or ingested them. Because of this, OSHA has issued training protocols geared specifically toward those who may come into contact with asbestos. Protect yourself against the dangers of asbestos by understanding the information presented in this video. With this training you will do just that; understand the dangers inherent in working with asbestos, as well as how to best avoid any potential harm to yourself.