No matter what kind of organization you have, there comes a time when good leadership is required. Even an organization which has a small number of staff needs guidance to be as efficient and successful as possible. The concept of management is an ever-evolving part of the business. No matter what your goals in your company are, having a good grasp of this concept is vital.

Concept of Management

Defining the Concept of Management

Management has many different definitions according to where you look. In some cases, it’s considered a science – a carefully designed process that follows set standards to achieve desired outcomes. In other cases, management is regarded as an art – a skill that a person can improve upon through their experiences with managing. Here are some standard definitions of the concept of management:

All of these definitions reveal that the concept of management is focused on one thing: accomplishing an organization’s goals. The process by which a manager does this may differ from company to company, but the result is that all managers aim to help the organization succeed.

Essential Leadership Qualities in the Concept of Management

So, is management an art or a science? If you believe it is an art, then you likely agree with the statement, “Some people are born leaders.” The qualities of a good leader include:

If you don’t have these skills or want to improve, there are many options available. Taking formal classes or following a self-led program on an LMS can help you develop and enhance your management skills.

Experience can’t be downplayed, either. Many of the best managers learn by doing. Consider asking for a mentor to teach you their management techniques and skills, and set goals for yourself to meet in these areas.

The Functions of Management

However, you don’t have to be born a natural leader to develop the skills to manage. In fact, the concept of management teaches us that this may be more of a science than an art. There are specific functions that management must perform, and following these functions can be one way to be an effective leader – even without those inborn qualities.

Other Elements in the Concept of Management

Whether you are a born leader or someone who follows the scientific concept of the management process, there are some other things to keep in mind.

For example, good managers must also be effective users of company resources. This includes:

These are just some of the resources that a proficient manager needs to consider.

Another critical point in the concept of management is an understanding of emotional intelligence or EQ. Leaders must have a high awareness of their own skills, weaknesses, and abilities, as well as an understanding of their team members’ skills and talents. This is very important for understanding how best to utilize and encourage each employee.

One final point in the concept of management is that every good manager has a deep understanding of the industry. It is true that as a leader, you will often wear many hats – but playing a jack-of-all-trades in the office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also have industry expertise. You must be immersed in the latest progress of your industry to best choose the goals for your organization.

Art or Science? Both!

Being an effective leader can come in the form of being a natural-born manager, following the concept of management principles, or both. Most great managers find a mixture of both their own abilities and a carefully designed management process to be the best way to accomplish their goals.

Great managers can create a satisfactory workplace that propels an organization to success. That is why the concept of management is so important. Take time to determine how you can best manage your team, and you will build the most effective organization.