Gamify Your Basic Skills Training

You need everyone in your organization to perform at peak levels, and many are surprised to find out the percentage of workers who need basic job skills training. Despite all our efforts, basic skills deficiencies persist among all age groups, which means this is probably affecting your own organization as well. Even mentioning basic skills training, however, is likely to clear a room. Why? Because for the most part it’s perceived as incredibly boring. But what if you could make even basic skills training fun? That’s exactly what gamification is all about. Continue reading

Coaching vs. Mentoring: Which One is More Important?

According to the Robert Walters 2013 Employee Insights Survey 83% of nearly 10,000 survey respondents said they would benefit from mentoring, but only 29% work for companies that offer any mentoring programs. Coaching fares somewhat better, with nearly half of all companies making use of coaching, although typically only for midlevel and senior staff. Only 38% of companies make coaching available to anyone. This begs the question of which one is more important – coaching or mentoring? An even more basic question that many have is what’s the difference between coaching and mentoring to begin with? Continue reading

How to Create Effective Virtual Teams

A 2012 survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) revealed that nearly half (46%) of all organizations make use of virtual teams (source). That percentage ratchets up among global companies (66%) and down among domestic-only companies (28%). The same survey shows that among organizations who make use of virtual teams, 51% note that the challenge of building relationships keeps the team from being more successful, which is about more than just dealing with time zone differences. Virtual teams are a fact of modern business life, but the web that connects their members is both intricate and fragile. Building effective virtual teams is no easy task. Continue reading

Top LMS Frustrations and Complaints

Perhaps you’re considering taking on an LMS for the first time in your company. Maybe you’re considering switching from one LMS to another. Then again, maybe you’ve been tasked with evaluating your current LMS to make a determination of whether or not it’s meeting your organization’s needs. Whatever your particular situation may be, knowing what some of the most common LMS complaints are about can help you move forward. Continue reading

eLearning Pioneers: Sun Microsystems

For Millennials, eLearning is a fact of life. But for the older generations, it was a really big deal when eLearning came on the scene. The word wasn’t even coined until 1999 during a Los Angeles seminar conducted by CBT Systems. Whether it’s called eLearning, online learning or virtual learning, computer company Sun Microsystems was an early pioneer that helped usher in the digital learning age. Continue reading