Socializing your eLearning

Social learning is becoming an increasingly relied-upon tool in the world of corporate eLearning. It provides unique opportunities for collaboration on a small, or even global, scale and it can provide excellent opportunities to develop skills and, in particular, problem-solving skills.

Social learning is a prime way to make your corporate training and eLearning more engaging, foster a sense of team work and make it more relevant for the learner.

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Customer service training tips from the Apple Playbook

Apple is a global powerhouse—the brand is instantly associated with positive feelings from consumers around the world. A large part of that success seems to be not just their innovative products, but also their dedication to customer service.

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Avoiding the bore factor: Training tips for medical device manufacturers

The medical device manufacturing industry is one dictated by regulations, and this means effective compliance training is absolutely necessary. There is no option but to thoroughly train employees with regard to FDA regulations and compliance, but the biggest roadblock to effective training is employee resistance.

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The Pitfalls of Leadership Development – And How You Can Avoid Them

Leadership training and development are one of the most important, yet misunderstood facets of many organizations today.

U.S. businesses report spending an estimated $14 billion each year to foster leadership development, and two-thirds of respondents on a survey conducted by The Conference Board and McKinsey reported human capital was their top priority both presently and for the future.

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Poor customer service and growth with eLearning

Customer service skills are incomparable assets to businesses and organizations of any size and in any market. It is arguably the most important part of daily business.

Without an audience and customer base that is happy to work with you, your business would be worth very little. Without our customers we have no revenue and we have no livelihood.

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Tackling challenges: 6 steps for engaging a difficult audience

There are a number of reasons your corporate training and development programs may fail, and one of the biggest and most common problems often boils down to your inability to engage a difficult audience.

A difficult audience can be the result of anything from the lack of a corporate learning culture, to communication or educational barriers.

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What should employers know about leadership training for Millennials?

The Millennial is one of the most elusive and misunderstood generations in the workforce right now, yet they are also one of the most important. These young people grew up in a different world than anyone before them, particularly as it pertains to the reliance on technology.

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Focus on feedback: How to effectively evaluate your eLearning

Your corporate or organizational eLearning simply is not working.  It is falling flat, and you are unsure of why. You have followed all the best practices in your course design, but your learners simply are not engaged, and they are not taking value from it. Plus, they are resistant to even completing your eLearning at this point.

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