Training and Development – How Do They Compare?

Training and development are often two words that get lumped together, particularly in the world of eLearning. Large corporations and small businesses alike often see these two concepts as something that go hand-in-hand, and while both may require (e)Learning, that’s essentially where the similarities end. Continue reading

Empower Your Employees and Reap the Benefits

So much of what happens in the workplace is dependent on empowerment. When employees feel empowered they comfortable making vital decisions, they tend to be more engaged and there’s a better overall sense of happiness and fulfillment in the workplace, which means a reduction in turnover and more engagement.  More satisfied employees also tend to be more productive, achieve more and miss fewer days of work.
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Can You Teach Employees to ‘Fit In?’

Corporate culture is one of those terms that floats around quite a bit, particularly when it comes to training new employees. You want your new employees to not just understand what it is your organization stands for, but you want them to be able to implement their understanding of your culture, and essentially, as one Forbes writer recently put it, assimilate. Continue reading

5 Steps to Developing and Implementing a Talent Management Strategy That Works

The focus throughout the corporate world, including within the realms of eLearning and training, is all about talent management.

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, it’s no longer enough to simply focus on cutting costs. Employers are recognizing the skills gap between what they need and what’s available is their biggest downfall right now, and the solution lies in successful talent management. Continue reading

Why You Should Prioritize Talent Management

We’re facing a new environment in terms of the American workforce. In the years immediately following the recession, the ultimate goal of businesses large and small was simply to survive, and surviving meant cutting costs in any way possible.

It wasn’t a market that was friendly to employees—the threat of being laid off was lurking around every corner and employees were seen as a dispensable part of organizations. Continue reading

It’s Not All Fun and Games: The Top Gamification Mistakes


Gamification is a buzz word in today’s eLearning and corporate training, but it can really go beyond being trendy. When done correctly, gamification can increase the effectiveness of your eLearning materials, and ensure you’re getting the best possible return on your investment. Continue reading

Incorporating customer service training videos that work into your eLearning

Everyone loves a video right? So is there a role for customer service training videos in your eLearning?

Of course, that would explain the popularity of sites like YouTube, and that popularity has led an increasing number of companies to ditch their live training demonstrations, and instead opt for videos. Videos are even easier to deliver through an eLearning system because they can be incorporated with a variety of other tools and techniques to provide a rich, comprehensive training system. 

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