Comcast Nightmare Highlights the Importance of Quality Customer Service Training

A professional writer recently recorded his conversation with a Comcast customer service representative that could be described as nothing short of a nightmare.

During the exchange, which the customer says he didn’t start recording until about 10 minutes in, the customer service rep essentially refuses to let him cancel his service.

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Mobile Learning: Make It Mobile With These Tips

With eLearning, it’s all about convenience, efficiency and tailoring customized learning that will help your employees be more effectively trained, and continually educated.

One of the ways to accomplish all of these goals is through the use of mobile eLearning, in addition to traditional desktop eLearning.

When eLearning also includes mobile components, employees can easily access information in an on-demand, as-needed basis.

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The Value of Effective Safety Training and How to Implement It

Just the phrase “safety training” is enough to strike dread in the hearts of an organization’s leadership team, and the employees alike.


Safety training tends to be incredibly boring and highly technical, which tends to spell disaster in terms of how well employees retain the information. Despite the pitfalls of safety training, this doesn’t negate its importance in the workplace, and in particular manufacturing and production-based industries.

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Get Lean: eLearning for Manufacturing Automation and Lean Training

If you’re in any way associated with the manufacturing industry, you’ve likely heard the term “lean,” repeated over and over again in a professional context.

While “lean” itself may seem like a buzzword, it does have a lot of important implications for the industry. Namely, manufacturing organizations strive to remain lean in order to become more efficient, keep prices low for customers, and simultaneously deliver a more high quality product.

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In Or Out: Should You Outsource the Development of Your eLearning Content?

When does it make sense to outsource elearning content development?

When does it make sense to outsource elearning content development?

If you’ve made the decision to introduce eLearning content into your corporation or organization you’re on the right path, but the next question becomes, “who’s going to develop the content?”

Innovative eLearning platforms have made it significantly simpler to do your eLearning development in-house from a technical standpoint, but there are also advantages to outsourcing the creation of that content.

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The Why’s and How’s of Including Videos in eLearning and Training Materials

If you’re creating eLearning or organizational training materials and you’re on the fence about whether or not to include videos, the evidence is strongly in favor of doing so.

Videos become tricky for some employers and creators of eLearning materials —they’re unsure of whether they’re necessary, if they’re worth the time it takes to create them, and how to make them meaningful and effective.

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How Classic Learning Principles Impact eLearning

Yes, eLearning, particularly in a traditional workplace like the manufacturing industry can seem like a novel idea, and while it does rely on utilizing new technology to teach concepts and train employees, much of eLearning is based on basic principles that have been explored for decades or more.

The key to successfully incorporating eLearning into your workplace or organization really relies on grasping timeless concepts of learning, and then using those to derive effective, efficient, and technologically-advanced eLearning materials.

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How Color Impacts eLearning – 3 Ways to Effectively Use Color in eLearning

What’s in a color? Well according to color psychology theories, a lot. When you’re designing training and eLearning materials for your employees, the colors you utilize can make a big impact on how the material is received, comprehended and even retained.

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Effective eLearning For a Multi-Generational Workforce

Corporations and organizations are facing a significant challenge when it comes to training their employees—how to train across the generations.

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Why Leadership Training is a Good Employee Retention Tool

Why Leadership Training is a Good Employee Retention Tool

photo credit: PowerMax Energy

Statistics show that about 50 percent of people worldwide moved to a different employer within the past year. In the United States alone, 45 percent had transferred to another company and 34 percent are thinking about leaving. Without a sound staff retention plan, employers could end up losing the remaining 21 percent of employees who may not even be committed or loyal to the company.

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