Tips to Ensure Your Part Time Employees Provide Full Time Value

Part time employees are more important in today’s workforce than ever before. There are a number of reasons for this – a few of the top reasons companies have a significant number of part time workers includes everything from the need of employees to manage families and have a work-life balance, to issues surrounding health insurance and benefits. Continue reading

Back to School: Developing a Successful Corporate University

Back to School: Developing a Successful Corporate University

You’ve almost certainly heard of corporate universities – they’re not a new idea, but thanks to the growth of eLearning and virtual learning solutions, the idea of a corporate university is increasingly pervasive and is something that’s even being looked at as a valuable training solution in small and medium-sized businesses.

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6 Methods to Measure the Success of Your Corporate Training

If you’re very invested in corporate training or you’ve recently implemented new technology such as eLearning in order to improve the quality and delivery of training, as with all investments, you want to know how it’s doing.

So how do you measure something like employee training to determine its effectiveness? Continue reading

Incorporating Performance-Based Goals into Your eLearning

We often discuss how important it is to be able to measure the success of your training efforts. This is one of the biggest pitfalls of many unsuccessful organization training models – a lack of measurable metrics that will determine what’s working and what isn’t. Continue reading

Must-Dos When Infusing Humor Into Your Training Content

So much of what we discuss as it pertains to corporate learning and development and more specifically eLearning, has to do with the business and technical aspects, but there’s one area that while it isn’t necessarily technical still leaves a big question mark for many training developers – how to use humor. Continue reading

Maximize Your Training By Aligning It With Strategic Business Goals

The Brandon Hall Group, a research and analysis firm that focuses on the areas of talent management, leadership development, learning and development, talent acquisition and human resources, conducted some interesting research which they compiled in their recently released study, “Brandon Hall Group’s Learning & Development Benchmarking Study.” Continue reading

Focusing on Training Healthcare Providers Through eLearning

If you read our new article about Ebola, and more specifically how the nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital are telling officials they had no training on the disease when they were left to care for the Liberian man who became ill with the disease, you’ve seen how more training was completely necessary and eLearning could have been the proper route to deliver that training.

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