eLearning Pioneers: Sun Microsystems

For Millennials, eLearning is a fact of life. But for the older generations, it was a really big deal when eLearning came on the scene. The word wasn’t even coined until 1999 during a Los Angeles seminar conducted by CBT Systems. Whether it’s called eLearning, online learning or virtual learning, computer company Sun Microsystems was an early pioneer that helped usher in the digital learning age. Continue reading

Being Proactive Through Training: Tips for Developing and Implementing Cross-Training

This past fall, Forbes contributor Chris Cancialosi wrote an interesting piece entitled Cross-Training: Your Best Defense Against Indispensable Employees.” Be proactive and learn the proper tips for developing cross-training.
Continue reading

Spotlighting Global Companies Offering Personal Development Options to Employees

Corporate training is more robust, comprehensive and widely studied than ever before. It’s looked at as the best way to address talent gaps and shortages, while remaining competitive. Corporate training is no longer seen as a necessary evil new hires must undergo – it’s instead seen as a way for companies to engage employees, develop leaders, and take a top spot within their industry. Continue reading

Quicken Loans Comprehensive Training Leads to Big Pay-Offs

In the past few years Quicken Loans has garnered a lot of attention—primarily for leading the effort to revitalize downtown Detroit. Along with that, it is consistently ranked as one of the best companies to work for in the country. Get smart and learn how Quickens loans training can best help your workplace.  Continue reading

Augmented Learning and Corporate Training: An Overview As We Head Into 2015

Augmented learning is not necessarily a brand new concept, but it’s certainly one that is on most learning and training professionals’ and insiders’ minds as we head into 2015. Get smart and learn more about augmented learning and the training context  Continue reading

LMS Must-Have #4: Additional Security Measures

In a previous article, LMS Must-Have #2: Highly Secure Data Practices, I covered 10 essential questions that your LMS vendor should be able to answer about how they secure your company’s LMS data, and the standards you should be looking for. There are at least two other additional aspects of security you should be paying attention to when it comes to evaluating a current or potential new LMS. Continue reading