Closing the Digital Divide One Step at a Time

Recently, President Obama announced plans to connect thousands of low-income Americans to the Internet with the roll-out of a new program designed to bring Internet access to Americans living in public housing. ConnectHome is an extension of the government’s already established ConnectED initiative.

President Obama’s announcement coincides with the Council of Economic Advisors’ new report on the digital divide. Recognizing that at this point in time the digital divide is likely a cause and consequence of existing economic disparities, the report states:
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eLearning TrendWatch: APIs

One of the most important and challenging situations facing learning professionals today is the integration of the LMS with other systems, applications, and platforms. This is typically achieved by utilizing an API or application programming interface, a set of tools, routines, and protocols that can be used to facilitate communication between applications as well as allow programmers to come up with new applications that work within the context of the platform in question. Continue reading

eLearning TrendWatch: Automation

In this edition of eLearning TrendWatch, the topic is automation. We are all painfully aware of how time-consuming sometimes downright tedious the learning content creation process can be. It should come as no surprise that learning professionals often find themselves wishing that content creation could somehow be automated. Continue reading

eLearning TrendWatch: Augmented Learning

In this latest edition of eLearning TrendWatch, it’s time to see what the latest developments are regarding augmented learning. If you haven’t kept up with it, augmented learning is a kind of learning that is both on-demand and one in which the environment adapts to the learner. There are all kinds of ways to make this happen incorporating a variety of augmented reality tools and techniques. Continue reading

Making the Grade: Food Compliance and Training

In an effort to ensure that all food service establishments from bars and bistros to doughnut shops and diners are in compliance with health regulations, many major cities have introduced letter-graded inspection systems. While the systems are meant to encourage restaurants to comply with health standards, this approach to compliance has drawn criticism, especially from industry insiders, including several top chefs.
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eLearning Trend-Watch: Corporate MOOCs

The eLeaP blog often reports on the latest trends in eLearning and corporate training, but with the rapid evolution of such trends, it’s important to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments beyond our initial reporting. That’s what the eLearning TrendWatch is designed to do. In this first installment, it’s time to take another look at what’s happening in the realm of corporate MOOCs – massively open online courses. Continue reading

Aligning Compliance and Training Efforts

In 2014, the Wall Street Journal described compliance officer as one of the “hottest job in America.” Notwithstanding the hyperbole, there’s no question that the demand for compliance officers continues to grow and so does the compensation for compliance officers. While compliance officers and other people who address compliance issues in the workplace (e.g., construction and building inspectors, transportation inspectors and occupational health and safety specialists) may primarily be seen as people who develop and enforce policies, compliance officers of all kinds should also play a major role in their organization’s workplace training programs. In this post, we consider why the demand for compliance officers is on the rise and how organizations can more effectively integrate their compliance and training efforts.
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Top 5 Signs You Need a New LMS

Having the right learning management system (LMS) in place at your organization makes a huge difference in ensuring that your learning efforts add real value to the company’s bottom line. Sometimes you just know you really ought to have a new LMS, but all kinds of things get in the way, especially time and money, which should come as no surprise. Continue reading

Wearing Your Training? Start with the Accessories

Over the past year, wearable technologies have gained increased visibility. From Google Glass to the iWatch to clothing embedded with sensors, wearable technologies are slowly beginning to redefine computing and fashion. Over the past year, there has also been a growing focus on how wearable technologies hold the potential to impact education and training. While the future of wearable technologies remains unclear, at least a few potential workplace training innovations appear promising and likely to become widely embraced over the coming decade. To begin, consider the potential impact of the following three accessories—glasses, hats and shoes.
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