Top Three Training Challenges in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector is complex and always shifting. It is currently grappling with growing concerns about compliance, new approaches to medical insurance, and new technologies, which effect everything from how we keep track of patients and protect patient data to diagnostics. For this reason, whether you are a medical secretary, medical technician, nurse or doctor, ongoing workplace training is critical. Indeed, in a sector where the consequences of making mistakes is always high, training must be a priority. In today’s post, we look at the top three challenges currently facing people who work in the healthcare sector and discuss how learning management systems can be used to deliver the critical training needed to respond to these challenges in an effective manner. Continue reading

Do Our Presidential Candidates Have the Right Training?

By the time one proposes to run for President, you hope they have the right training for the job, but the current Democratic and Republican nomination races suggest that this may be far from true. Over the past six months, Americans have witnessed candidates’ foibles, gaffs, and compliance errors. We have also listened to misleading, false and fabricated claims along with a staggering number of discriminatory remarks made by front-runners on the campaign trail. Perhaps most surprising is the fact that none of the candidates nor political parties have an entirely pristine track record. Indeed, from a training perspective, there is little question that no current presidential candidate should be entirely exempt from additional training. In this post, we take stock of the presidential candidates’ errors and oversights so far and prescribe a unique workplace training program for just some of the many candidates currently vying to fill President Obama’s shoes. Continue reading

How to Implement an LMS, Part 4: The Vendor Search

If you’ve been following this series on How to Implement and LMS, you’ll be relieved to know that we’re done with the analysis phase! Yes, it was painful, but now you know what you need from an LMS and what your organization can handle technologically, which means you’re ready to start looking at actual LMS vendor options. There are literally hundreds of LMS options out there, and sifting through them will take some time and effort. We obviously believe our eLeaP LMS solution is superior and priced to fit your budget. Ask our LMS experts for a free demo. Get a free consultation on how to implement a learning management system.

  Continue reading

Net Neutrality: The Implications for e-Learning

Over the past 24 months, we have started to hear more about the concept of “net neutrality.” Net neutrality, a concept coined by Columbia law professor Tim Wu more than a decade ago, refers to the principle that all data that circulates on the Internet should be treated equally. This means that no service provider (e.g., Time Warner or Verizon) will ever have the right to slow the speed of uploads or downloads or block specific types of data (or data originating from specific IP addresses) nor will any service provider ever have the right to deliver certain content to subscribers more quickly (e.g., Time Warner will never be able to enter into a special arrangement with Amazon or Netflix in order to deliver their content through a faster conduit). Continue reading

The Top Workplace Training Stories of 2015: Part 3

Over the past year, eLeaP has posted articles on a wide range of workplace training issues and explored how eLearning and mLearning can support rigorous workplace training. eLeap has also investigated dozens of breaking news stories with the aim of exploring what these stories reveal about workplace training, accountability, compliance and business ethics. In our third and final end-of-year post, we recap the year’s final top 2015 business stories and explore what these stories taught us about the importance of workplace training. Continue reading

The What, The Why and The How of Responsive Employee Training

Many businesses are looking at ways they can better harness the power of technology for improved talent management and employment training. One of the big buzz-phrases floating around is responsive design, but training managers may be asking themselves whether or not this is really something they should be focusing on. Continue reading

Make Your Resolution To Stay on Top of Employee Training and eLearning Trends in 2016

We’re marking the end of another year. 2015 was a fascinating year where technology continued to be the leading topic of conversation in the business world. At the head of technology discussions? eLearning, online learning and corporate training. Continue reading

Top 10 Workplace Training Stories: Part 2

Over the past twelve months, eLeaP has posted on a myriad of subjects concerning workplace training, eLearning and mLearning. Many of these posts have investigated breaking news stories in order to explore the questions these stories raise about workplace training, as well as compliance and business ethics. In today’s post, the second of three end-of-year posts, we recap three additional top business stories of 2015, each of which raises key questions about business ethics and integrity. Continue reading

Top 10 Workplace Training Stories: Part 1

Over the past twelve months, eLeaP has posted on a myriad of subjects concerning workplace training, eLearning and mLearning. From time to time, eLeaP has also investigated breaking news stories from the ongoing investigation of Theranos to the New York Time’s revelations about the workplace culture of Amazon in order to explore the critical questions these stories raise about workplace training, accountability, compliance, and ethics. This week’s series of end-of-year posts recap the year’s top stories in business and highlights the lessons these stories convey about workplace training, which we can all carry forward into the new year. Continue reading