Information and Cyber Security Training

The cost of failing to protect clients’ and customers’ personal data is extremely high. Whether it is a retailer that fails to protect customers’ credit card information, a college that fails to protect students’ records or a health care provider that fails to protect patient data, one can’t underestimate the consequences of failing to protect data. In short, organizations that fail to protect confidential information, fail on at least two important accounts: customer/client care and compliance. In today’s high-tech world, however, hacking continues to evolve and as hackers become more sophisticated, our defenses against hacking also need to become more sophisticated. Continue reading

How You Can Use Customer Insight to Improve Employee Training

Customer service training: just hearing the phrase sounds dull, outdated and ineffective, yet it’s not optional. Without customer service training you’re leaving yourself open to so many possible problems. With today’s Internet-driven culture, just one bad customer experience can spell disaster for your brand. Continue reading

Private Business and the Public Good

As most people now know, the war between the information technology sector and the government continues to heat up. Recently, several key presidential staff members, including the attorney general, the White House chief of staff, and the directors of the FBI met with senior executives from Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Apple. The agenda for the meeting was clear—how do we make it more difficult for terrorists to use the Internet as a recruitment tool? While the Continue reading

Younger Employees’ LMS Experiences and Preferences

In the coming three to four months, employers across the nation will welcome thousands of summer employees, interns and recent graduates into their ranks. This means that for many organizations, it is now time to scale up training initiatives. Adopting a Learning Management System (LMS) is one way to quickly and efficiently scale up training while also tracking training results, but in contrast to the past, today’s incoming employees often already have high expectations for LMS features and performance. Continue reading

Exploring the “Train-the-Trainer Model:” The What, Why and Hows

The Concept of Train-the-Trainer

Train-the-Trainer is a model used to describe, much as the name would imply, training potential instructors or less experienced instructors, on the best ways to deliver training materials to others. Continue reading

The Rise of Same-Sex Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and What Employers Can Do About It

The Changing Face of Sexual Harassment

Regardless of accuracy, in the past sexual harassment has largely been viewed through the lens of being a “women’s issue.” It seemed like primarily women came forward to address sexual harassment they’d experienced among their colleagues and bosses, and in many cases the accused harassers were men. Continue reading

Promoting Diversity in the Face of Tradition

This year’s Academy Award season has been marked by more than excitement about which of the year’s films will end up receiving one of cinema’s highest honors. Indeed, debates about whether or not Brooklyn is more deserving than Spotlight or Matt Damon is more deserving than Leonardo DiCaprio have been eclipsed by debates about the history, structure and current mandate of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences itself and more notably, the make up of the institution’s voting membership, which remains largely White. While there are many Continue reading