Net Neutrality: The Implications for e-Learning

Over the past 24 months, we have started to hear more about the concept of “net neutrality.” Net neutrality, a concept coined by Columbia law professor Tim Wu more than a decade ago, refers to the principle that all data that circulates on the Internet should be treated equally. This means that no service provider (e.g., Time Warner or Verizon) will ever have the right to slow the speed of uploads or downloads or block specific types of data (or data originating from specific IP addresses) nor will any service provider ever have the right to deliver certain content to subscribers more quickly (e.g., Time Warner will never be able to enter into a special arrangement with Amazon or Netflix in order to deliver their content through a faster conduit). Continue reading

Generation Z: Coming to Your Workplace in 2016

Generation Z, also known as the iGen and as the post-millennial generation, will begin to arrive in the workplace en masse this spring. While the actual definition of Generation Z is subject to debate (it is generally seen to begin with people born in the mid to late 1990s), there is growing buzz about the fact that in 2016, we will see more people from this new generation in the full-time workforce, but are we prepared? More importantly, what training and support will members of Generation Z need once they arrive on the job? Continue reading

The Top Workplace Training Stories of 2015: Part 3

Over the past year, eLeap has posted articles on a wide range of workplace training issues and explored how eLearning and mLearning can support rigorous workplace training. eLeap has also investigated dozens of breaking news stories with the aim of exploring what these stories reveal about workplace training, accountability, compliance and business ethics. In our third and final end-of-year post, we recap the year’s final top 2015 business stories and explore what these stories taught us about the importance of workplace training. Continue reading

The What, The Why and The How of Responsive Employee Training

Many businesses are looking at ways they can better harness the power of technology for improved talent management and employment training. One of the big buzz-phrases floating around is responsive design, but training managers may be asking themselves whether or not this is really something they should be focusing on. Continue reading

Make Your Resolution To Stay on Top of Employee Training and eLearning Trends in 2016

We’re marking the end of another year. 2015 was a fascinating year where technology continued to be the leading topic of conversation in the business world. At the head of technology discussions? eLearning, online learning and corporate training. Continue reading

Top 10 Workplace Training Stories of 2015: Part 2

Over the past twelve months, eLeap has posted on myriad of subjects concerning workplace training, eLearning and mLearning. Many of these posts have investigated breaking news stories in order to explore the questions these stories raise about workplace training, as well as compliance and business ethics. In today’s post, the second of three end-of-year posts, we recap three additional top business stories of 2015, each of which raises key questions about business ethics and integrity. Continue reading

Top 10 Workplace Training Stories of 2015: Part 1

Over the past twelve months, eLeaP has posted on myriad of subjects concerning workplace training, eLearning and mLearning. From time to time, eLeaP has also investigated breaking news stories from the ongoing investigation of Theranos to the New York Time’s revelations about the workplace culture of Amazon in order to explore the critical questions these stories raise about workplace training, accountability, compliance and ethics. This week’s series of end-of-year posts recap the year’s top stories in business and highlights the lessons these stories convey about workplace training, which we can all carry forward into the new year. Continue reading

Hazard Communication Standards: Training Essentials

While the Hazardous Material Program (HazMat) is well known, fewer employers and employees are familiar with the Hazard Communication Program (HazCom). However, both HazMat and HazCom play a vital role in protecting workers against the dangers of hazardous chemicals in the workplace. The primary focus of HazCom is to ensure that all employees have access to information about the chemicals they encounter in the workplace on a regular basis. The program, supported by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) of the US Department of Labor, primarily aims to ensure that chemical manufacturers properly label their Continue reading

The Top Ten Reasons Training Initiatives Fail

While there is no question that workplace training matters, a high percentage of training initiatives also fail. It is essential to know why workplace training often fails and more importantly, to know how to avoid the pitfalls of ineffectual training. After all, training initiatives that go awry not only come at a cost, they can have a negative impact on employee productivity and morale. Today’s post examines the top ten reasons attributed to failed workplace training initiatives and offers strategies for ensuring your training initiatives are effective from the onset. Specific attention is given to the value of adopting a learning management system. Continue reading