The ROI of Blended Learning in Corrections

The promise of blended learning rests primarily in its alleged ability to provide better learning outcomes than either face-to-face or eLearning can deliver on their own. But it begs the question of return on investment (ROI), which will inevitably come up somewhere along the line if blended learning is pursued in a substantial way. Continue reading

Blended Learning at Xerox, EMC, and WOW

Even though face-to-face learning remains the preferred modality for training throughout much of corporate America, accounting for 51% of all corporate learning hours delivered, the numbers related to learning retention are downright depressing. According to one Corporate Executive Board study revealed that seven days after a formal training, learners had already forgotten 70% of the content. Follow-up again in four weeks and they will have forgotten 87% of the content. What to do? Blended learning might just be the answer. Continue reading

Blended Learning Takes Root in the Public Sector

The Federal Government has been making a concerted effort to do better by its public sector workforce. After years of pay freezes and furloughs forced by sequestration’s automatic reductions, morale among federal employees has taken a deep hit. But President Obama’s 2015 budget represented, among other things, an attempt to turn the situation around and focus on attracting and retaining better talent. Continue reading

The Rise of Corporate Blended Learning in Portugal

Although studies have shown that corporate training and education combining online and face-to-face elements works better than purely face-to-face instruction or purely online instruction, many companies are still trying to determine how to best leverage the concept of blended learning into business success. Portugal is one country that has taken the proverbial bull by the horns to make the most of blended learning. Continue reading

Take Pride in LGBT Awareness Training

As communities across the United States celebrate Pride Day, businesses are also paying attention. This year a record number of businesses scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index and among other factors, this means that these businesses offer awareness training on both gay, lesbian and bisexual issues and transgender or gender identity issues. For some businesses, the current lack of awareness training on LGBT issues has less to do with resistance than it does with lingering questions about where to begin. The good news is that getting started is easy—with a learning management system, you can immediately scale up your awareness training on LGBT issues and start working towards achieving your own perfect score on the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. Continue reading

Learning from Online Learning Trends

Remember when Second Life was all the rage? If you don’t, Second Life was a virtual world—a sort of second universe where players could don wings, change their gender, set up a hair salon, pub or art gallery and interact with other avatars (winged or wingless). It was also an immersive platform in which many universities, including Harvard, invested a lot of money. Back in 2006, after all, there were high hopes that setting up a “virtual campus” on Second Life was the wave of the future—at least in online education and training. Of course, as we all now know, it wasn’t. Continue reading

Toss Out the Scripts: Customer Service Training

In the past, creating better customer service often involved rewriting scripts. In 2016, there’s a growing recognition that scripts are simply not responsive enough to meet customer demands. In fact, stilted scripts are now viewed with suspicion by many customers. After all, we live in a Web 2.0 world where seemingly everything else is customized to respond to our specific needs and interests. If web browsers can generate geared-to-searcher advertisements, why can’t a human customer service Continue reading

Summer Interns: Challenges and eLearning Solutions

Now that Michelle Obama and dozens of other dignitaries have finished delivering their inspiring convocation speeches and the caps and gowns have been retired, education and training shift focus from the campus to the workplace. That’s right–it’s that time of year when both new graduates and summer workers and interns enter the workplace en masse. For organizations of all sizes, scaling up one’s new and temporary staff poses a major challenge.  First, there’s the challenge of recruiting and Continue reading

Content Management System VS Learning Management System – An Overview

When the time comes and you decide to update your business operations, you must make use of the latest information systems available for automating the way you execute work in the business place; basically, your business processes. For this, you must read ahead, to get an overview of content management system vs learning management system, so you can select the right system for your business. And then there’s Learning Content Management System too. If you’re interested in implementing a learning management system or a learning content management system, here are 7 steps to help you get started. Continue reading

Leveraging Your LMS for Extended Enterprise

Over the past decade, we’ve rapidly moved from onsite workshops and paper manuals to elearning and mlearning. The advantages of adopting a learning management system for training are obvious. LMSs make trainee testing, training administration, content creation, social learning and gamification easier and more affordable. More importantly, there’s a growing body of research that suggests money invested in training nearly always results in a strong return. After all, effective training reduces employee attrition, reduces employee errors and subsequently, reduces the cost of hiring and training new employees down the line. Continue reading