Is Google’s Smart Reply Smart Enough for Your Business?

It’s finally here—the email program that not only receives your email but also automatically generates responses and not simply with the standard out-of-office reply. Smart Reply, at least in theory, is smart enough to generate responses to the emails we don’t have time to respond to ourselves. Sound good? Perhaps, but Google’s Smart Reply also raises serious questions about best practices in business correspondence. Continue reading

Bending and Breaking Rules in the Age of Compliance

Recently, one of Google’s self-driving cars was pulled over by a California State Trooper. As it turns out, the self-driving vehicle was driving too slowly (25 in a 35 zone) and consequently, causing a traffic jam. While no ticket was issued (and who would pay the ticket?), the incident was both humorous and revealing. You can teach a car to drive itself, but can you teach a self-driving car to adequately respond to shifting norms on the road? While speeding is never advisable, in some contexts, Continue reading

Exploring Navigation Styles and How to Improve Your e-Learning Usability

Regardless of how great content might be, if your e-Learning course doesn’t feature a strong design you’re not maximizing its value. One of the biggest benefits of using e-Learning as an employee training tool is the ability of learners to direct themselves. Self-paced learning tends to be more engaging, and learners have a better outcome when they can guide their experience. Continue reading

Expressing Compassion Without Opportunism

Following Friday night’s devastating attacks in Paris, private companies around the world responded.  A black ribbon appeared on the Google home page. A French flag and the words “Solidarité” appeared on the Amazon home page. Expedia quickly posted the following message: “On Friday 13th there were a number of shooting incidents in Paris resulting in casualties. Our deepest sympathies go out to the victims, their families and the people of Paris.” Airbnb announced that it would waive fees in Paris and encouraged hosts to offer extended stays to stranded travelers for free or at drastically reduced rates. Meanwhile, private and public buildings from the Empire State Building to city halls around the world were lit up in the colors of the French flag. These expressions of solidarity and sympathy were part of how people around the globe have experienced the tragic events in Paris this weekend, but they also raise important questions about corporate expressions of compassion. After all, Continue reading

Quick Tips on Choosing a Learning Management System

Whether it is for a small business, large business or educational institution, choosing a Learning Management System (LMS) in the growing LMS market, which includes hundreds of options, can be a challenge. First, an organization needs to familiarize themselves with the pros and cons of different LMSs. Second, they need to determine who the key stakeholders are and consult these stakeholders (e.g., the employees and managers who will use or be impacted by the LMS). Third, keeping various stakeholders’ feedback in mind, the organization needs to select an LMS that is within their budget. Finally, the organization needs to implement the LMS and evaluate its impact on training and productivity Continue reading

The Importance of Regulatory Training and How to Ensure it Isn’t a Flop

Understanding Regulated Industries

A regulated industry is one that’s restricted and regulated by the government or other agencies, whether that be federal or state. There can be guidelines in place dictating how everything from production to profits are handled in regulatory industries. Continue reading