How to Implement an LMS, Part 6: Roll-out Planning and Configuration

In this sixth article on the series of How to Implement an LMS, I’ll be diving into the details of the roll-out planning process. This is where the rubber really meets the road in your LMS implementation. It is also where failure is most likely to occur, and I’ll explain why. Get a free consultation on how to implement a learning management system. Continue reading

How To Implement an LMS, Part 5: Contract Review

Now that you’ve made it through the organizational analysis and vendor selection process, you’re still not quite ready to begin what most people think of as the implementation of the LMS. Before you start rolling it out in your company, you need to finalize the contract, and this is where many companies let important considerations slip through the cracks. Get a free consultation on how to implement a learning management system. Continue reading

How to Create an LGBT Inclusive Workplace

The Advantages of Inclusion

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues have come to the forefront of social consciousness, but many businesses seem to be lagging when it comes to creating a truly inclusive workplace. Discrimination barriers may have been broken down in many instances, yet there are still issues remaining. Continue reading

Time for a Change: 9 Signs Your Training Videos Are Bad

The Training Video Impact

Training videos are a fantastic learning tool for your employees. Whether you’re implementing leadership training or sexual harassment refreshers, videos are one of the best ways to improve your return on investment and ensure your employees are actually getting something from training. Continue reading

Active Shooter Incidents in the Workplace

Following the San Berdardino shootings in early December, many workplaces increased security and started to take a long, hard look at their existing preparation for an active shooter incident. While no one wants to prepare for such an incident, being prepared has proven a valuable strategy for preventing active shooter incidents, ending them as quickly as possible, and ultimately saving lives. Indeed, this is precisely why school boards across the nation require students to engage in lockdown drills at least once a year to prepare for such worse-case scenarios. Continue reading

Understanding the Employers’ Role and the Cost of Sexual Harassment

The Economic Price of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace isn’t just a social issue—it’s economic as well.

In 2013 then-mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner found himself at the end of a sexual harassment scandal. The mayor was sued by one woman for harassment and was also accused of numerous cases of improper conduct from dozens of other women. The city of San Diego refused by pay Filner’s legal bills resulting from his defense in the case, whereas the former mayor had previously requested that the city pay his bills, saying he never received proper training mandated under California law. If the city had been required to pay those bills, it would have amounted to a $3 million hit for taxpayers. See how you can prevent sexual harassment in your organization. Continue reading

Uncovering and Exploring Sexual Harassment In Today’s Workplace

The Modern Face of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a much more widespread problem than most employers, and even employees might realize. Sure, there have been strides made in preventing these type of issues in the workplace, but many American workers say it’s not enough. Continue reading

A Guide to Creating Sexual Harassment Training for Managers and Supervisors

Starting From the Top

Federal law doesn’t require sexual harassment training, but many state laws do require some harassment training. Even if it isn’t required, it’s imperative you train your employees on these topics. Continue reading

MLK Day: Time to Reflect on Race Relations in the Workplace

2015 was both a tumultuous and inspiring year for race relations in the United States. Not since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. has the nation witnessed such high levels of racial unrest nor such mass displays of collective activism and hope for a more equitable future. While much of the activism linked to the Black Lives Matter movement has focused on living conditions and policing concerns in urban communities, race relations in the workplace are by no means exempt from the issues the movement seeks to put on the table. Continue reading