Customer Service Essentials for Your Summer Staff

Customer service positions—online, on the phone and in person—account for a large percentage of available summer jobs. While customer service positions are often assumed to be ideal for entry-level workers, this is not necessarily the case. Indeed, the assumption that new workers can be easily assigned to customer service positions presumes that customer service positions require little or no training, but  this is far from true. Customer service skills, like other work-related skills, are Continue reading

How to Manage “Screeners” in the Workplace

While people of all ages now spend much of the day on their smartphones, a recent study found that Generation Z, sometimes simply known as “screeners”, spend on average six hours per day using their smartphones. To be clear, smartphones use can also benefit employers. Indeed, as discussed in many previous eLeap posts, the growing reliance on smartphones means that training can now happen anywhere and anytime and employees can now more easily access vital work-related information on the job. From medical interns to retail staff to plumbing apprentices, the value of Continue reading

Doing the Right Thing: Ethics Training is More Important than Ever

The Ethics Resource Center in Washington DC has revealed some interesting and disturbing facts about ethics, or the lack of them, in the workplace. Of the 120 million who walk into a workplace each day, and over the course of a year, nearly half of them will have witnessed first-hand some kind of ethical breach. That’s a pretty discouraging statistic that warrants a closer look. Continue reading

Information Security: You Can’t Afford to Ignore it

The statistics on identity theft are, frankly, pretty scary. According the US Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2014 alone 17.6 million Americans were the victims of identity theft, meaning the unauthorized use or attempted use of an existing account, unauthorized use or attempted use of personal information to open a new account, or the misuse of personal information for a fraudulent purpose. Continue reading

7 Must-Know Tips and Tidbits for Training Employees On Tablets

Tablets represent a unique, efficient and engaging way to deliver training. They’re somewhat of a middle-ground between e-Learning that has to be done on a desktop or laptop computer, and modules available on a mobile phone. Continue reading

Safety Training for Summer Lab Interns

For many students, an opportunity to work in a laboratory over the summer months can be a game changing experience. Summer internships in working laboratories offer students in STEM-related fields an opportunity to experience firsthand how their knowledge and skills might be put into practice on the job in future career-track positions. However, lab interns also represent a unique challenge to employers. On Continue reading

Spring is Time for Safety Training

Over the next four months, many employers will onboard new employees—both recent graduates and summer interns. Safety training, while important for all employees, is especially important when onboarding employees who are entering the workforce for the first time and may have never before undergone safety training. Continue reading

7 Tips to Ensure a Smooth LMS Implementation

Whenever you’re introducing new software or even a new way of doing things into an organization, it can get bumpy. Employees may be reluctant to embrace change, or they may simply decide they want to fight anything new and different without an ideological bent. It may be that things aren’t going as smoothly as they could, which can cause frustration, taking a hit on morale and productivity.  Continue reading

6 Features Your LMS Should Have

eLearning and the world of learning management systems have grown leaps and bounds in recent years, and these products and platforms are constantly evolving to reflect new technology and innovation, as well as an evolution of clients’ needs. Get free consulting help to guide you on your LMS search. Continue reading

Training to Promote Ethics in Business

Despite the fact that few people go through a business degree without completing at least one course on ethics, ethics is something that continues to be lacking across sectors. Over the past year alone, there have been several high-profile business stories that ultimately pivoted around ethical considerations. Continue reading