Trainees can love or hate online training. Some of the common complaints employees have about training online have solutions, so you have a way or turning complaints into satisfaction. Discover what these common complaints are so that you can resolve them before they become issues for your organization.

3 Common Complaints about Online Training and How You Can Solve Them

Complaint #1 Lack of Contact with the Instructor

Online training often offers on-demand training for employees. This deletes the instructor from the equation because the expert or creator of the content provides access to the information when the trainee wants to access it. It differs from that of an instructor-led course in a classroom or live webinar setting.

Problem: This lack of contact between attendees and trainers can frustrate trainees that have questions or require clarification on a point.

Solution: Establish an email address and/or phone number to include with the training materials online. Assign a trainer or expert to monitor the email address, phone line and voicemail for the phone number on a set schedule. Establish hours that the expert monitors these accounts and establish a timeframe for responding to inquiries.

Complaint #2 Poor Course Design

Course design complaints range from how the course material appears on the screen to the delivery of the course material. For example, a course that relies heavily on math equations that delivers the instruction material using an audio file can be difficult for trainees to follow.

Problem: The design of the course is unappealing and ineffective to trainees.

Solution: Work with a course designer that can create an aesthetically pleasing course design. If you cannot afford to work with a professional designer, find a template that is appealing and matches the content of your course material.

Use various content delivery methods. Everyone learns differently. While some trainees are visual learners, others can learn better by listening. Combine delivery methods when possible to ensure you meet the needs of different learners. Learn about great design here and here.

Complaint #3 Information is Out-of-Date or Inconsistent

Since the majority of online training courses are on-demand, the time between the development of the content and the trainee accessing it can be lengthy. Some trainees find that the information in the course is not current or contradicts itself throughout the course.

Problem: The information in the course is not current or is not consistent from the beginning to the end of the course.

Solution: Have a plan in place so that the trainer reviews and updates information on a regular basis. Have a couple of different people in the organization review the information for quality control and consistency purposes before the new information is available to trainees.

Online training offers numerous benefits to the organization and to the trainees. Trainees, however, can become frustrated with online training when certain problems pop up time and time again. When you know what these common complaints are, you can head off the problems before they occur. You can also correct the problems your trainees are having with online training to increase effectiveness and the satisfaction level of the training.

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