Course Management System

Imagine a training software system that allowed you to design your own content so that your courses are comprised of the material that is most advantageous to your organization. eLeaP’s course management system enables you to do precisely this. Do you want to create courses that rock?

1. Focus on the Learner

One of the biggest mistakes made when developing training materials is disregarding the end learner of the material. Trainers, executives and content developers tend to write and create e-learning content that they feel is pertinent to the topic at hand while neglecting their audience.

2. Appeal to the Learner’s Curiosity

By nature, people are curious creatures. When a topic interests them, they tend to seek out answers to their questions and resources for finding additional information on the topic.

3. Interactivity Does Not Equal Engagement

While we continue to hear a great deal about the value of games, gamification and simulation, adding these elements to your e-Learning course does not automatically create interactivity and engage learners.

Get more tips on creating engaging training courses.

Create your own courses

With eLeaP’s course management system, you’re not limited to some off-the-shelf training course content. You can create the training courses your company needs from your own existing photos, audio and video, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint files, even SCORM.

With eLeaP, you can create the courses that precisely fit your needs. And if you don’t have the time to to that, send us the files, and we’ll create them for you! Ask our corporate development experts.

Course management system

eLeaP’s course management system also enables you to customize and personalize your entire training package. eLeaP enables you to alter course schedules and set up a variety of events, assign people to courses, alter course material while courses are running, assign learning material to individual employees, and share the variety of interactive tools that eLeaP contains, such as discussion forums and quizzes.

24/7 access on the go

With eLeaP’s course management system, every employee in your organization can access it 24/7, 365 days of the year, wherever in the world they are, with full workplace training available on eLeaP via mobile devices. Location is no longer a barrier to training. 

Modular Learning

Mobile devices are not only changing where we access information, train and learn but also changing how we access information, train and learn. Today, a 5-minute coffee break or 20-minute commute on the bus to work is no longer wasted time. Quite the opposite: these short breaks are now optimal time for training. That’s why our course management system is also designed to help you create short, easily retainable modular learning units.  This means that employees can train on a break or during their commute, making the most of every minute. 

eLeaP – simplicity itself

You don’t need to be an IT expert to use eLeaP’s course management system. And once the courses are created, if you can use a keyboard and a mouse, we pledge that you can get going with eLeaP immediately. No IT consultants, no downloads, no expensive hardware upgrades required.

Use free for 30 days

  • Nothing to Install
  • No Cost! Absolutely No Cost
  • No Commitment
  • No Upgrade fees
  • No Licensing fees
  • After 30 days, simply pay monthly subscription based on your needs (or walk-away).