When you come into a new job, it is a lot like the first day of school, you are looking for those people who you think you have something in common. You are trying to ‘fit in’. What happens next is the part we all dread about starting at a new place, the inevitability of working with people who are ‘difficult‘. This so often means that they are different from us. They can be different in ways such as, how they solve problems, how they treat people, how they talk to people and what their priorities are.

In this how to work with difficult people CareerShorts, you will learn how to best deal with ‘difficult’ people at the workplace. In particular,

  • How to overcome stereotypes about others and avoid unthinkingly applying your innate frame of reference to people and things
  • How to recognize and leverage cultural value differences to build a springboard for cooperation rather than allowing those differences to become a source of conflict
  • Seek to understand personal style differences and treat others the way ‘they’ want to be treated

Coach: Betty LaMarr, international speaker and author is President of Nadisa Associates. Nadisa Associates is a career and professional empowerment coaching company that has been helping ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results in their career and life choices.