Accidents can happen at work and all workers must be prepared, especially those working with hazardous materials (HAZMATs). In case of an accidental exposure, workers may need to use a safety shower or eye wash to dilute and flush the HAZMAT away. This training course discusses the standards, purposes and proper use of a safety shower and eye wash to be used in case of an exposure.

Exposure of eyes and skin to hazardous materials can cause severe injury, including burns and possible blindness. For this reason, this course recommends workers practice how to access the eye wash quickly, perhaps while blindfolded. This course shows employees how to use a safety shower and eye wash, as well as when to use each one. The course also explains how OSHA and ANSI standards helped design the decontamination equipment. Lastly, viewers see a demonstration of what to do after decontamination.

Companies with HAZMATs require policies and procedures for handling exposure, but workers must prepare themselves. Use this training course to effectively prepare your workers on how to use decontamination equipment in the event of an exposure.