Your remote teams are isolated, anxious, and forced to work in different ways. For leaders, it’s about more than managing a remote team through crisis. It’s empowering the right leaders to transform the underlying assumptions of the workforce to lead the way forward. This is a time of opportunity that requires what we call Remote Leadershift.

This course guides remote team leaders through the process of developing that connection and trust so they can create the innovative solutions necessary for adopting and making the necessary transformational changes. From creating awareness and fostering remote relationships to learning how this shift in human connection differentiates them as leaders, learners discover how to adjust to remote leadership while inspiring their teams to do the same.

This program provides the tools you need to rebuild the camaraderie around the “lunch table” while developing a new, innovative thinking process for your team. Through a series of video lessons and a downloadable toolkit, celebrated thought-leader Laura Goodrich helps leaders and teams alike navigate amidst this new environment. It is our goal to inspire leaders who can guide teams to be resourceful, expressive, and connected.