It is common to feel stressed when thinking about work. Recognizing your own stress triggers is an important first step to taking control of workplace anxiety. This course presents ideas and tools your workers can use to reduce stress at work.

This training course introduces the idea of being present and mindful. While we cannot control everyone’s actions, we can practice being mindful of our own thoughts and responses to help manage negative feelings. This course identifies the four thinking traps that encourage or cause anxiety: Fortune Telling, Mind Reading, Black and White Thinking, and Labeling. Lastly, viewers learn tips on how to restructure their workday to avoid burnout, and how to create a work-life balance with intention.

Anxiety can cause unreasonable responses. This training encourages learners to identify how anxiety can distort one’s thinking and actions. Forming new habits and ways of thinking take practice. Learning the skills outlined in this course will help your employees recognize and manage their workplace anxiety.