Hazardous materials (hazmat) are abundant in the workplace, from simple cleaning products to more serious chemicals. A hazmat spill can be disastrous, affecting the people and environment in the affected area. This training focuses on how to deal with hazardous materials spills safely and effectively.

This course demonstrates how an organization’s Hazard Communication program and Emergency Action Plan can help prepare employees to respond appropriately should a spill occur. The course reviews what a Spill Response Team is, including what an Incident Commander is, First Responder Levels, hazardous materials technicians, and hazardous materials specialists. These topics are important for teams to understand the spill response process.

This multimedia presentation then demonstrates spill response, characterizing a spill, cleaning up a spill, decontamination, and waste disposal. Utilize this course to prepare employees to understand the process and react accordingly when there is a hazardous chemical spill.