In today’s workplace, almost everyone could use coaching at some point, and because our individual work experiences are so varied, almost anyone can be a coach as well. The coach could be your team leader who has technical expertise vital to the success of the project. The coach could also be a team member with more work experience, or perhaps a new team member with experience concerning the task at hand. Regardless of who the coach is however, there are barriers to coaching and communicating the process effectively. This training video teaches you steps on how to overcome these obstacles.

There are multiple ways in which leaders can become effective coaches; they include demonstrating the process to the learner and establishing a positive atmosphere in which the learning can take place. This Video On Demand helps prepare you to become an effective leader, and help your team members become effective learners.

Without coaches, the team dynamic becomes drastically different. Without a competent leader a team may not appropriately allocate time and resources, nor will they work as efficiently. Learn the techniques to become a successful and valuable coach with this online training video.