Before creating any business presentation, the first step is to understand the purpose behind the presentation. Consider what it is you want to accomplish with your presentation. You may want to convince a customer to buy your product, share your expertise with your coworkers, or lead a team meeting. This course demonstrates the key components needed to craft an effective presentation.

When preparing your presentation, it is important to plan how your ideas will flow logically, and how you will support them with facts and evidence. You should also consider the questions your audience may ask, as well as what learning styles may work best. These are important factors to help determine how an individual processes information, and therefore how receptive they would be to your presentation. This course walks you through the steps to plan, create, practice and present.

Presentations can sometimes be viewed with an element of disdain, as a chore or bother to create or sit through. However, presentations are vital for the transmission of information and the continued viability and growth of your business. Utilize the materials provided in this training lesson and learn how to make more effective presentations.