April 12, 2017 – LOUISVILLE, KY

eLeaP, one of the innovators in learning management systems for the past 11 years, has recently revamped their eLearning courses site. The goal is to better their clients and prospective clients’ LMS experience by streamlining and simplifying course access and availability.

One of the most significant changes on the new eLearning courses site is the ability to navigate based on interests and course types. Consumers throughout the Learning Management System industry often criticize the challenge of navigating through extensive course catalogs. eLeaP has found a way to organize and categorize their 850+ titles into 8 key groupings:

Along with this simplified category gateway, eLeaP has also included sections for New Releases, Highest Rated, and Most Popular videos and courses. This allows clients to always be up on the hottest and most relevant content, ensuring their employees are always highly skilled in up to date practices.

The courses come in full motion video. Why video-based training?

Some of the benefits of our video training include:

From clients who want to train staff on workplace health and safety to consultants looking to enhance their portfolio with content covering various topics, eLeaP has extensive solutions to address all your training and learning needs.

eLeaP’s changes are not only site-related but also customer service related. You will notice a chat button in the lower right-hand corner, so you can have immediate support and guidance. You may also get a site pop-up that asks for your feedback and advice regarding their site and software. eLeaP is working tirelessly to integrate their online courses with their online support, ensuring that every part of the process works together seamlessly.

This signals a crucial, industry-wide movement towards a mixture of web and human-based support within learning management software. eLeaP focuses on doing business “the old-fashioned way,” with dedicated customer support 24/7. Don Weobong, the founder of eLeaP, said, “For us, this is personal! We did not get to be a top 10 LMS platform by resting on our laurels”.

Customers and site visitors are encouraged to ask for a special preview of the full motion video courses available on their site. With a preview, you can experience the seamless, mobile responsive interface as well as benefit from an engaging learning style which puts knowledge retention and skills development first.

eLeaP is a web-based learning management system that centralizes all your online training and development in one platform. After 11 years, they are still a leading innovator in the eLearning sphere, bringing significant cost savings and efficiencies to their clients. Be sure to check out our full range of solutions including:

For more information or to try a free trial visit their website: https://www.eleapsoftware.com/

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