Mobile devices have become hugely popular in recent years in particular, as technological advancements and the speed offered by such contemporary networks as 3G and 4G have enabled ever more complex applications to be run by mobile devices. Both smartphone and tablet sales have grown exponentially as both markets become among the most competitive, not merely in terms of electronics, but in terms of all consumer products. Giants such as Apple, Samsung and Nokia have established huge market shares and business networks almost entirely on the basis of their popular mobile devices.

Thus, one of the benefits of e-learning is the potential for companies to tap into this new capability of modern technology. Not only does e-learning promise the potential for members of staff to learn in a convenient office environment, but now there is no need to even be tied to a desktop PC, as contemporary online training systems, such as eLeaP, enable users to have full access to training systems through mobile devices, wherever they are in the world, 24 hours per day, seven days a week.However, before you jump into signing up for an e-learning management system that supports mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, there are certain factors to take into consideration. Here are a few things that you should be considering when choosing a mobile learning management system:


The first factor to take into consideration is one of simple economics. The first, and most important question to ask is “how often are people in your organization going to be accessing this learning management system via mobile devices?” The more you conclude that employees are going to be using learning management systems the more that it is reasonable to spend. This issue also leads neatly into the next factor to take into consideration.


If employees are going to be using learning management systems a great deal then it may be worthwhile for your organization to provide them with a certain number of laptop and / or tablet devices. However, if you conclude that you will only take advantage of the mobile capabilities of the learning management system intermittently then smartphones may be more appropriate, and you may even request staff to use their own smartphones to access the package. Thus, it is important to bear in mind that any e-learning package that you sign up for is compatible with the devices that you wish to use it with.


This is one of the major concerns for every organization with regard to mobile access, as obviously no organization wishes for sensitive information to be compromised. Thus, before you sign up to any training package it is wise to check its security reputation by looking into what previous users of the software have had to say about it. In the case of eLeaP, the feedback received by clients in general, and on this issue in particular, has been nothing short of exemplary.

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