If you’re in the 77% of large organizations using online and mobile eLearning, it’s possible you’ve noticed a gap between your corporate training videos’ goals and the actual application of these skills by your employees. Where is this gap coming from? Why are your corporate training videos not functioning at full capacity (even if the quality of production is high)?

The answer is likely customization.

The Problem With Traditional Corporate Training Videos

Corporate training videos can often seem distant and detached. Employees watch generic training videos that they could be watching in any company, in any industry, for any role. They don’t feel a connection with the information. They feel it doesn’t relate to them. They feel as though this video is just another way to “check a box” on the company’s checklist.

Thus, employees are wasting time, energy, and money spent watching but not utilizing these corporate training videos. This doesn’t mean your employees don’t want to learn. It simply means the information isn’t being given in the proper way that enables learning.

This is where customization comes in.

Custom Corporate Training Videos

To remove this sense of hands-off detachment from online corporate training videos, adding a personalized touch of the organization itself is crucial. Some learning management systems, like eLeaP, offer personalization and branding features that allow you to customize your training videos. You can include your logo, color scheme, specific instructions, and even your own branded URL. A standard LMS becomes your corporation’s personal and secure learning portal.

The Benefits of Customization

  1. Company Pride

You and your employees are proud of your organization, and you want brand recognition and commitment in every aspect of your professional life—from your daily functions to your stationary to your training videos. Branding can encourage pride in the corporation by putting the company’s “stamp of approval” on the corporate training videos.

  1. Value of Training

Furthermore, this stamp of approval shows that your company cares about training and values the employees’ education. A customized training platform shows that you have a team dedicated to learning and development that wants your employees to grow and learn. It creates a company culture that promotes discovery, curiosity, and knowledge towards productivity and development.

  1. Engagement and Retention

When your employees feel valued, they become better engaged with the material. Even something as simple as a brand logo or personalized instructions can make your employees realize the importance of the training. They will see that the corporation values the education, and so they realize they should value it in response.

With this engagement comes deeper retention. When they are better engaged with the material, they better remember it and apply it to the workplace. This application can then boost productivity and job satisfaction.

  1. Company Standardization

Overall, custom corporate training videos help promote organization-wide standardization. Online training videos can be easily disseminated, even globally. In this way, creating customized learnings will ensure that training is organization-specific but it is the same no matter the who, what, when, where, or how of learning. This standardization is crucial for consistency of practice and brand reliability.

The Kinds of Corporate Training Videos Customization

We’ve established that customizing your online training is beneficial to your employees and your organization as a whole, but what kinds of customizations should you implement?

  1. Colors and Logo

It may seem simple, but something as easy as adding your logo and color scheme to an LMS can make employees feel “at home” on their training portal. With eLeaPs customization features, you can upload your own logo for easy brand recognition and even include a description of your organization. People will immediately see and identify with the brand, which helps them better identify with the training.

  1. Personal Instructions

In a similar way, adding personal instructions in the tone of your company can make users feel more comfortable. You can write a blurb that explains why these individuals are doing this training in relation to the company dynamic, or you can write a funny intro to boost morale. You can also add instructions based on job function, department, or location, which further personalizes within your company.

  1. Create Courses

One of the most comprehensive ways to customize your training is to create your own courses. Some eLearning platforms will give you the ability to produce courses that can be embedded into the other corporate training videos in a way that creates a seamless L&D appearance. eLeaP offers templates that make creating your own courses simple, fast, and consistent, so your branding is always at the forefront of your learning.

  1. A Word From The CEO

One of the best types of online videos you can create is “homemade videos” of people at your office. Whether that’s the CEO talking about the company mission, the VP talking about implementing a new change, or the finance department doing a sketch about the annual budget, employees like to see faces they know.

When they see a familiar face talking about something that is important to the company, engagement significantly increases. They feel the importance and worth of the video immediately. These videos become more than just corporate training videos—they become organizational influencers.

Bottom Line: Customized Corporate Training Videos

Check out eLeaP’s customization features like branded URL, logo, color scheme, personalized participant instructions, and branded secure learning portal. We also offer an easy course-building wizard so you can always share the information you need to.

Customized corporate training videos will link your business to the training and thus the training to the employees through engagement and standardization. Personalization is the ultimate way to professionalize and grow your learning and development trainings.