Compliance training is one of the most important parts of many industries, and if your current training lacks effectiveness or efficiency, your entire organization is at risk. Upgrading to a better training system could boost your entire business culture—from employee satisfaction to overall profits. Don’t let outdated training procedures hold your company back.

Compliance Training

Jazz Up Your Compliance Training!

To put it simply, the primary challenge to regulatory training is that it’s really not all that enjoyable. It’s also time-consuming. Gathering every single employee into a conference room where they know they’ll have to sit and listen to a drawn-out presentation is enough to ruin anyone’s day. Plainly, employees don’t care for compliance training because it’s not engaging, dry, and tends to drag on.

If your employees aren’t enthused with training, there’s a chance that you will also find it challenging to administer regulatory training. Even when employees do engage with this type of learning, retention can suffer simply because there’s such a strong disconnect between them and the content.

This can lead employers to wonder if investing in compliance training is even worth it? Of course, they have to give something to keep compliant, but why bother pouring money into research and development if the employees are just going to moan and groan their way through training? With this attitude, what was meant to benefit employees turns into a hurdle to overcome.

Compliance and regulatory training are based in facts, but the focus is rarely on ensuring that employees retain the information being taught. To make their training more efficient and effective, the better course of action is to be proactive through engaging and consistent training.

To help deliver engaging and effective compliance training, eLeaP is your number one option. Compared to outdated in-class training sessions it is more time and cost-efficient and will benefit your company in ways you can see. Take a look at how you can document compliance training. Get a live demo of compliance training software today.

A Culture of Compliance Training

At eLeaP we’re able to provide you with a comprehensive range of compliance training solutions, all delivered in a completely scalable, customizable, and interactive format.

With eLeaP, you’re able to leverage technology and a host of multimedia tools to ensure your compliance training goes beyond the ordinary, and speaks to and engages your employees, helping you mitigate the potential for risk.

Relying on standard prefabricated material won’t address your organizations’ nor your employees’ needs. At eLeaP, we offer you the chance to develop your own content, which you can brand and develop to best suit your business model.

Implementing our appealing and streamlined online platform, you can upload course materials with your employees in mind. They will be able to access it according to their schedule using whatever device they have at hand. This means that employees can fulfill their compliance training from the bus or train, from lunch, or even before giving a presentation.

Having control over your company’s compliance material also allows you to make it your own. Make it as engaging as you wish by including humorous videos, pleasant music, exciting games, or more. The goal is to keep your employees’ attention long enough to slip in some crucial information. The more they are interested in the training, the more they will put to use what they have learned.

A Simplified Compliance Training

Along with risk mitigation, compliance training from eLeaP ensures your organization can have globalized, on-demand training with a smooth, seamless interface. You will no longer have to round up workers into a convention hall just to fulfill their biannual compliance training.

With eLeaP, we also simplify to process of tracking employees’ training. You will receive data on their progress, further reducing potential risk to the company. This data is completely secure, as it is stored in our online cloud and the software is regularly and automatically updated to prevent hacking. Should you need help with the platform, we provide constant customer assistance and support as your partner in the training process.

A Specialized Approach to Compliance Training

You want compliance training that isn’t just effective, but that aligns with the specific goals of your organization. Read about, “The Importance of Regulatory Training and How to Ensure it Isn’t a Flop.”

We’ll provide you with the resources you need to create adaptive learning completely in line with your corporate objectives and culture, whether you create it from your existing materials, or we create it for you. We offer a range of already existing courses but, for a truly unique training experience, we can also help you develop the material you need to better address your business’s requirements.

We are experienced in helping clients fulfill their educational demands and will gladly aid you in designing the perfect course content!

Proven Results

Just a few of the many organizations we’ve assisted in meeting their compliance training objectives include:

Compliance Point: With eLeaP’s Learning Management System (LMS), Compliance Point, an organization specializing in compliance consulting, was able to implement an easy-to-use LMS, allowing its clients to enjoy a cost-effective training solution, along with maintenance of the reports needed to demonstrate continual compliance.

Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home: Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home serves as the sole healthcare provider in the county, responsible for both acute and long-term care. With eLeaP’s LMS, the facility was able to replace its outdated classroom training program, and instead put in place a solution that’s not only more cost-effective but one that also eases the overall burden of remaining compliant with government regulatory standards.


If your compliance training process has become a headache for both you as an employer and your workers, it may be time to overhaul the entire process. Updating from a tired in-class system to an online platform will give your company customizability, scalability, and a far more engaging means of training employees. Don’t let your business suffer in the past, contact eLeaP today and modernize your compliance training.