How to view an Assigned Course

Hello and welcome to eLeaP, in this video we’re going to show you how you can access and manage your courses. So the first option we have is to navigate to the courses link at the top of the page which will take us to all our courses or I can access any of my assigned courses from the home page here simply by clicking on the course I’d like to access. Then I’m brought to his page which displays the details for this particular course. To start accessing my course content I simply need to click on the first link within the content section here, or I can just click start course. You’ll notice that the first lesson loads and I can watch this video, read the content here, and once I’m finished I can click this button to go to the next lesson. I can also manage and quickly navigate through the course content using the links right here. Please note that this tab is expandable and I can expand or collapse that simply by clicking this icon right here.

On the right hand side you’ll notice I have a few different icons here, this first icon represents the glossary, and if I click it I’m taken to the glossary for this course which contains a list of specific terms as well as definitions for those terms. Next I have this icon which takes me to the FAQ page which is also know as the frequently asked questions page and if desired I can click on these questions to get additional information. Next if there are any additional resources, I’ll see a resources icon available here, followed by this feedback icon if I click this it allows me to complete a survey for this course and then submit it. Lastly we have this whiteboard icon, clicking this icon allows me to access course discussions. For now I’ll continue working my way through the course.

Now that I’ve finished reviewing the content for this course, I’ll the quiz. I can access the quiz by clicking on this sub tab or just by clicking this button, I’ll go ahead and click start quiz. I’ll select the answer that I think is correct, and then click next, on this question I’ll do the same thing, and since the last question is also multiple choice I’ll do the same thing here and then click submit. Depending on the settings for this particular course I can retake the quiz if desired or since I’ve passed in this instance I’ll go ahead and click Accept Score to PASS and once I’ve successfully passed the quiz I can download a certificate of completion. Lastly if you’d like to add course notes be sure to check out the my stuff sub tab, from here you can add and manage new notes to help you throughout the course. Thanks for watching, if you have any additional questions for comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.