Using Video To Deliver Content

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to eLeaP Learning Management System. I am excited about this new feature that deployed this week. We all know the importance of video training. It is absolutely critical. It engages people. It has better outcomes. What we’ve done with eLeaP LMS is to upgrade our video hosting and delivery service so that you can now deliver video on any device seamlessly. It doesn’t impact Apple or Windows-based users. Doesn’t matter what browser they have, it is going to be really exciting being able to deliver video seamlessly. Here’s how.

What I’ll do is just add in a lesson and click on that and click right here to add content, same as before. What you are going to see, though, is this new icon right here. I’m gonna click on it and essentially what I’ll do is I’ll just browse to my video files and click on that and click submit. It takes a few seconds to a minute, depending on how large your video is. It might be less than a minute, actually. Once that is done, just go ahead and click Insert.

You are going to see this message there. Don’t worry. Basically, it’s because we are processing video in the back end so just give it a few seconds. You can certainly continue doing whatever else you need to do. If you need to edit your lesson, you can continue to add materials to this whilst waiting for the system to see that. I can continue to add materials and text and videos and whatnot to this whilst the system is basically working in the back end.

Just like that, here’s our video. Again, super easy to deliver video to any device across any browser on any operating system. We are super excited about this because it will change the way you do training. You can now use as many videos as you like. You can have hour-long videos or short videos. You can do micro-training. There’s a whole world that’s about to open for you. Certainly give it a go, let us know, and as usual, this is Don from eLeaP LMS.