How to add content to Lessons

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to eLeaP. In this quick video we’re going to show you how you can create a new lesson for one of your courses. The first thing I’ll do is navigate to the Course’s link at the top of the page and then I’ll select the course that I’d like to edit. Now, any course that you create needs to consist of chapters and, or lessons. You’ll notice down here I have both chapters and lessons in this current course. To create a new lesson I’ll select a lesson from this dropdown menu, and then I’ll enter in a title for this lesson.

Next, I can use this dropdown to choose where I would like this lesson to be placed. In this example, I’ll choose at the beginning. Now, I’ll click add lesson. Let me go ahead and add another lesson. I’ll keep this selected in the dropdown. I’ll enter in the title for my next lesson. I’ll select the location from this dropdown, and now I just wanted it to be after the first lesson I created, so I’ll select this and then I’ll click add lesson, and you can see that this new lesson has been added.

Now, let’s add a chapter. I’ll select chapter from this dropdown. I’ll enter in a title. Once again, I’ll select the location and then I’ll click add chapter. Now, you can see underneath the chapter I’ve just created, I have the two lessons I’ve created as well. To view the lesson editor, simply click on the lesson title. From here I can upload files by clicking this link and then selecting the files on my computer that I’d like to use. Once I’ve done that I can click upload file, and you can see that the file has been uploaded.

Please note that you can upload multiple files simply by clicking the upload file link again. If I’d like to add another file I’ll just select that file and then I can choose upload File once again. Here, you can see I now have both files uploaded.

Lastly, we have the option to incorporate a quick quiz in our lesson, so I’ll click add quiz question. It’s important to note that this feature works if the course already has multiple choice quiz questions that are pre-creative, so I’ll select the question that I’d like to use and then I’ll click insert selected questions, and you can see that my quick quiz question has been added.

Please note that you can insert more than one quick quiz question. I’ll go back to add quiz question and this time I’ll select the other two questions, and then choose insert selected questions. Now, you can see that the other two questions have also been added into the quick quiz.

Please note that the quick quiz feature in the lesson is not graded, it’s simply for self review, which is a great feature to help your users assess their comprehension. In our next video we’ll discuss how to add and create content in each lesson. Thanks for watching. If you have any additional questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.