How to manage training courses

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to eLeaP. In this quick video, we’re going to give you a breakdown of the main functions available within the courses tab of the application. When I click courses on the main menu, I’m automatically brought to this page with the manage courses tab selected and highlighted, this tab displays the courses that have been created with the course name, category, instructor and date created details shown for each course on the list.

You can change your courses status from active to inactive and back by toggling the icon in this list here. You’ll notice with one click, the course has been deactivated and if I click that deactivated course icon link again, that reactivates the course. If I’d like to add a new course, I can select the add new course link here and I can start filling out the necessary information to create a course. First, I’ll add a title and then I’ll select a category, I’ll enter in a description for the course. I can list any objectives needed, I can set up my assignment notifications, I can choose whether I want active feedback or not, I can select whether the course has an active whiteboard or not, I can select a deadline and enter that in here. I can set up reminders for the deadline and then choose whether the course is available after the deadline and after completion. I’ll click submit and if I navigate back to the course’s link in the main menu, I can see that my course has been added to the list. Please note that this course is still marked as inactive because I don’t currently have any active lessons contained within it.

If I’d like to view details on any of the courses on this page, I simply need to click on the link over here under the name. Here I can see all of the specific information for this course, at the bottom of the page I can see the chapters and lessons included in this course and if I click through the tabs at the top of the page, I can see the instructors and manage the information; here I can see the assigned users, I can navigate through the assigned user groups. I can view the completion report and manage an update information here as needed. I can see the quizzes for the course and also manage the settings. If I go back to the course home tab, you’ll notice on the right hand side we have these icons. Using these icons, I can access and edit the glossary for the course; the frequently asked questions section, resources for the course, course feedback, and the course whiteboard.

Hopefully you’ve noticed as I’ve gone through each of these, that there’s the option to either add new content or edit existing content within each of these different icon screens. Lastly, if I go back to the courses link from the main menu, you’ll notice that there are still two other tabs in this section. If I go to my assigned courses, I can view and filter the courses that are currently assigned. And If I go to manage categories, I can edit, delete and add new course categories.

Thanks for watching. If you have any additional questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.